General Dynamics F-111K Merlin: The Vark goes British

Unless Gaijin changes their stance on unbuilt vehicles, than -1

Their stance is:

What constitutes an (unfinished) prototype:

  • Vehicle was (partially) constructed
  • Vehicle-specific parts (i.e. guns, powerplants, etc.) were built

Which would mean that this vehicle fits those criteria as the parts were finished, the aircraft were just cancelled mid-way through assembly.


Yeah, TSR2 would be the better option, but currently Gaijin seems very unwilling to add anything unique to Britain. So the best we can hope for at the moment is a C&P from other nations. Probably F-111C from Australia as that can be C&P over from the US

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I’ll give an answer in a few months, after we see what 12.3s Britain will have come the December update.
Cause this would likely be an 11.3 anyway.

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I personally think it would be a good squadron vehicle, it has several defining factors that seperate it from the regular US variant and its kinda a testament to the end of the TSR.2 program, having been born out of its cancellation.


Comparing the aardvark and jaguar shows you have no idea what you’re talking about. Opinion invalid.


Would certianly be more interesting than an Indian Aircraft i’ve never heard of before as well

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No thanks. If you really like pressing spacebar and flying straight, ask for the Vulcan.

The Commonwealth argument is complete bunkum and previous mistakes don’t excuse more nonsense.

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This is the F-111K. It wasn’t commonwealth, it was built for Britain according to UK specific specifications and had UK made weapons pylons with British ordnance.


And was also never built.

See my earlier comment, it was half-built, all the components were finished, assembly was halted because the contract was ended not because it wasn’t viable or something. We got fake stuff, we got imagine-buffed stuff, we got half built stuff. It fits the criteria that Gaijin themselves laid out, end of story its an applicable addition.


Found some extra images during the F111Ks construction

mauritius images - 12332063 - Fort Worth , Texas - Work has stopped at General Dynamics Fort Worth plant o... F111K aircraft following the cancellation of the British Government 's order for 50 of the controversial variable-wing ai
images (3)



Whilst these are the only images showing for far along the F-111K was, the chances are that they reached a greater stage of completion as almost all of my sources state that the airframes were in the FINAL stages of construction when cancelled


Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.