General Discussion on NVD Sights and Thermal Sights:

Just a discussion and players thoughts, should the research ranking put vehicles that are equipped with NVD and Thermals in the same ranking as those that do not have them equipped or ever included in their modifications? If you are trying to grind and you got a T-62 in the same ranking or near the same Br as a T-72 TURMS then what is the point in playing when that T-72 is going to use Thermals and see you first. Now too me everybody should be on a equal footing when it comes to sights and as you climb higher then the tanks that are equipped with these sights should be going against others with the same sights. Maybe to some it might be confusing on what I said but to me getting killed from way across the map because someone has Thermal Imaging just sucks and is not fair and I don’t have them, so, why even play. Now I know why players leave the match either before it starts or after one death I would too if having to get killed as soon as you move.

Thermals aren’t even useful anymore, since last update every single tank now has same heat signature as a tree, even parts that heat up like tracks or barrels no longer show up clearly. They even take way too long to heat up and cool too quickly.

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