General Chat ban discussion

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wait it got banned? didnt play today, didnt know the chat ban happened

Ya they disabled the chat again, wonder how long it will be turned off for this time.

This is just getting stupid… Honestly, moderators should be doing thier jobs not sitting around like status icons making out it’s so hard to moderate and actually control the chat, compared to being heavy handed on regulars that merely say things they dislike and don’t actually understand.


I agree.

And now you get a ban. I get a ban for agreeing with you lawl.

Wait, no actually, there’s going to be another reason we get a ban. I’ll see you in a month doctor 😎

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You get a ban, you get a ban, EVERONE GETS A BAN!


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Can’t say anything bad about the emperor.


If only people would behave chat would not need to be temporarily disabled, it will return at some date soon.