Gaijin when are Nuke Teamkillers gonna be properly sanctioned?

Time: 11:30 (To see Teamkiller nick to report him pls see replay because nick shaming is a thing here lol)
Replay: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On


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You can right click on their nickname and file a report ingame.

ok, you think i didnt know that?

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I’m linking it to you because apparently you don’t understand that the forums are not the place this stuff is dealt with. Nothing will come of you posting it here.

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yuo mad?

I’m not mad, but I am informing you that you are just wasting your own time.

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I did not realize this had happened. Nonetheless, it is a fluke case. The general policy is that the forums won’t accomplish anything. I’ve seen so many reports on the forums and I can assure you that for every 1 forum report that is answered, there’s a hundred more which aren’t.

yes but this is not just report, i want gaijin to actually do something regarding nuke teamkills such as auto-ban one week et cetera


That’s for chat related issues only.

Gameplay related issues (TK, suspected cheating) is to be reported via Server replay Report functionality.


with aproximate time of teamkill or cheating.

Doesn’t the report functionality ingame have an option to report teamkilling in it?

Yes but it doesnt works lol. (classic gaijin) + you have to add time of accident

Sadly yes. But Server Replay is the way to go. Only this provides usable proof of what happened in the Game World. The in-game report only contains the chat log - which is of course perfect for chat related issues.

However, most TK issues are handled automatically anyway, so reporting TK’s is not even needed.

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Ah, alright.

It seems dumb though that the game has a teamkill report functionality that doesn’t work.

Yes but if user teamkills only one nuke plane, in that case that is too weak for system to autoban someone. So it has to be handled manually :/
It would be cool if Gaijin could actually make that “Sorry for teamkill” / apology system functional so in case nuke teamkill you can accept apology and everything is fine. Or reject apology and make him get one week ban lol
and maybe some information like Rust has about bans, you get emailed if someone gets banned thanks to the report you submitted, makes you cheer up a bit :)

Here how one should report observed gameplay or chat related issues:



Or, with more details here: