Gaijin trolling

For the past year, Gaijin has been just tilting my planes. I normally play in-ground RB but when I got into a plane after a while it just started tiling resulting in a crash—similar tilt when you lose a wing. Is gaijin trolling or is it a bug?

This is a ss when I was about to crash because of the tilt.

this sounds like a network issue to me. Is this tilting/crashing accompanied with packet loss? thats what causes it when it happens to me usually

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I usualy just fly straight the connection is perfect and then just starts tilting. This only happened in ground RB. Not in air battles, customs or test flights. Only in ground battles. RB only since AB is to short to do anything and I crash in SB because of my poor piloting skills.

this means its not a connection error ig.

what do you mean by “tilting”.
around what axis?

A video example would be very helpful here lol. If this isn’t caused by packet loss it’s hard to say what the issue actually is without seeing it in action.


Look at the ss ._.

Its the y axis

to be fair i wouldn’t bank at that higher degree of an angle, your just asking to crash.

That’s quite a heavy plane, take it easy on the turns

“ss” ?
which one of these?


If you’re not going to tell us what an “SS” is how will we know, We do not speak abbreviations.

Y’all “SS” means screenshot… I’m stupid but even I got that one in a few seconds…

He’s tilting on the roll axis (so would that be the Z axis, if Y is pitch and X is yaw?)…

Now addressing the OP itself

It looks like your rolling too far and your rudder can’t keep your nose up. I’d try banking at a less extreme angle and just using the mouse sim to turn around. But if you ideas set on doing harder turns in the PE-8 I’d say manually do it with keybindings, mine are WASD. I’d roll then use the rudder to nose up (in the case of the screenshot) and use the pitch axis to nose around. Then I’d roll the other way and level out

Provide link to server replay, so we can tell you what you are doing wrong :)

Uhhh that roast 😂

Are you on PC or Console?