Gaijin tried to limit spawn killing by tanks , what about heli/cas?

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Helicopters do have spawn protection the issue is to rotate the gun behind you you need to take off removing the spawn protection.

Gaijin needs to increase spawn protection time of helicopters to 5 seconds which is not enough time for an ATGM to travel to kill the SPAA locking them but is enough time for them to turn around and kill the helicopter hovering behind them.

Planes have airfield protection and spawn at altitude and moving it’s not a serious issue comparatively.

You get me wrong man , I have issue with CAS / Heli killing tanks on spawn , not other way around. Lol nice trolling

You included this in your post.

Yeah you farm enemy spawn with KA50 , not KA50 being farmed.

Ah I see. CAS is strong right now because of the ATGM physics nerf eventually Gaijin will change the balance.

Why did they change that ? CAS was always strong , now with Heli spam its even more annoying.

I still wonder why it’s impossible to call artillery on spawn but they are fine with dropping massive bomb/rocket payloads on the same area.
Double standards ?


There should be an airfield helipad acessible to tanks so we can spawn camp helis/planes .

Just imagine the outrage then…

Gaijin tried to limit spawn killing by tanks

And they failed miserably

I would pay another premium for TANKS only mode. But then all those bots in cas premiums would cry.


As a heli gamer with decent experience in different nations helis, I will add my observations to this discussion.

Would not suggest this tactic because it will get you killed.

I agree with this, a smart and patient heli player usually doesnt die to SPAA, given they can choose the engagement on their terms.

As for using a heli to kill things in spawn, this is usually because of a few reasons:

  • Spawn is a target rich environment. You know there will always be someone there at some point.
  • SPAA usually stay in spawn. If you aren’t killing the SPAA before you expose your heli, you are usually dead.
    -It’s going to be one of the places someone seeking revenge will come from, and lest I get targeted by that guy for the rest of the match I need to stop them from respawning.
    -Heli RP gains are so lackluster that to only get 1 or 2 kills is kinda depressing. So that player is going to use the massive mobility and recon potential to ensure they get as many kills as they can. Even in spawn.

I fully agree I play helis from time to time too , its just unfair towards ground that they have no way to defend . Some MBT`s does not even have roof MG so Im just sitting duck in my leclers and any heli can pen me with their auto cannons.

Imagine situation Garby that , your heli pad is exposed to tanks to fire to it from their spawn , and you have no way from defending yourself . Would that be fair ?

I see that most CAS players likes to have advantage thats it.

Got repeatedly spawn killed by an Apache the other day, playing at 10.0 as the Soviets, had both the Strela and Shilka in my lineup, couldn’t do a thing to stop it.

Very fun, very engaging.

Yeah , but @gaijin thinks its fine , so please enjoy !

No it wouldn’t be fair, but not in the way i believe you are meaning.
The helicopters that need to rearm often (Stock Z-9W etc) and have bad crew levels would suffer, whereas helis like the Mi28 would be relatively unaffected. I am also assuming you are envisioning both helipads being completely exposed with no buildings for cover, which would also mean Kamov helis more powerful, because they could hover above the pad and slowly drift which rearming, with their tails as armour to block enemy missiles.

As for what I think about the maps that already have the ability to be shot at from AO (ardennes, carpathians, etc) while on pad, In the current game I just hide behind the hanger.

IR missiles are practically useless against ATGM helis.

Are the Tan-Sam and Chappy just as useless?

They changed it because they added the broken Pantsir, so their solution to adding one unbalanced AA was to nerf all SACLOS SAMs.