Gaijin seems to have underestimated players' enthusiasm for WWII vehicles

Nerfs bombers because they are too effective
Buffs bombers because they are too weak
Nerfs rewards because bombers are doing too good
Nerfs bombers more because premium bombers are doing too good
Add top tier premium planes that are mainly used for bombing
Nerf bombing rewards because players are grinding too quickly
Players switch to rocket rushing so base rocket damage rewards are nerfed
(Unrelated) Players somehow manage to crash servers by spamming too many rockets
Gaijin adds top tier bomber (Tornado) as event vehicle
Gaijin adds top tier bomber (Tornado) as premium
Gaijin nerfs bomb base respawn times because people are bombing too much

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It’s BR is fine and no they don’t.

High tier vehicles cost exponentially more $/GE, but take only marginally more effort for the developer to produce. The profit margin is simply higher, so they will be pursued.

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technically with premium vehicle’s you’re purchasing the “Research Effectiveness”, not the vehicle itself. Prime example is the CV-90105 where it was replaced instead of being lowered in rank.

The higher the rank a vehicle is, the more expensive it is because it allows you to research a lot more vehicles

I think you’re making the mistake of imagining that in-game factors are in the slightest way important in comparison to quarterly reports.

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the D.521 would only maybe come back if they ever bothered fixing it since its very very inaccurate. I do own it however, I believe I got it through an event back in Autumn 2014 that required us to grind a ton of kills in a weekend (something like 360)