Gaijin refusing to look at cheaters and ban them

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Post a replay. I rarely encounter these situations. 1 out of maybe 100 battles where I meet someone and I’m like wait a second.

While we can all agree that hackers are unwanted, you are grossly exaggerating what is most likely just a good player.

Not to be condescending but your abysmal performance in the M1A2 SEP and M1A1 AIM would genuinely lead me to believe you were a bot.

I would focus more on managing your efficiency, get the fundamentals, then reassess.

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what do you expect this new kill bonuses only rewards cheaters


No dude, this is the exact problem in war thunder. People live in this fairy tale land where thier isnt a massive hacking issue. I really need you to start watching replays and pay attiention when you see a level 100 player with a positive KD in every vehicle plus a naval vessell 99.9 percent of the time. Its a hacker. Oh lets see…damn dude has 1k deaths in the USS moffett with 3k kills GTFO. Is that impossible…no…but likely hell no its a damn hacker. These hackers are so easy to find now they arent even hiding anymore what so ever because they know nothing is happening i have a list right this very moment with so many names i cant even count anymore. Not to mention my contact list is all hackers so i keep track of them see if they get banned or not. Ive got screenshots of them just laughing when i call them out on it. Its not my job to fix the issue its my job to report it and call Gaijin out on its BS and ask for the issue to be fixed as it should be. Call of duty has a good reporting system they should implement that.

Agree with tonka , i just found 2 cheaters in the last 2 years, both reported with the replay link and time table of the behavior, both banned. IF you see a cheater, confirm that in the server replay (shooting behind walls, tracking people that isn’t visible, constant perfect shots at insane distances.
Now many times people complain about cheaters, they are simply wrong, some people can shot well, know weak spots, predict where people are going and can land good shots at great distances without even need distance measurement. GO CHECK THE REPLAY ALWAYS and report if you still think it is a cheat and pinpoint where you think the cheat is. If true, they will be banned quickly… if not, at very least, they can then track the users and find what he is using and ban everyone using the same cheat (it can take some weeks on those cases)

Again, i myself have done good games and bad games… but sometimes i do amazing games, where everything works… just kill/death ration is NOT a signal of cheaters… the last cheater i reported a few months ago, dies 5 times in battled and killed me 3 times and 3 other guys… not even a good kill ratio, exactly because he was using cheats, he was over confident and exposed too much. Good players know how to hide, how to flank, where to hit and when to run

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NO, you are making a claim, YOU need to provide proof. I watch replays ALL the time to get better and improve.

What is stopping you from posting the replay link? Happy to raise the pitch fork and march with you but atm you have nothing to support.

My Newport new has a 4:1 KD…I’m not a hacker…

Thats kind of normal. I mean look at my french tanks with 3:1 in some cases, does that mean I am hacking?

Oh Gaijin is very aware of the cheaters, and how many premium vehicles they purchase with their stolen credit cards…

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They know.
They dont care.

You just described the definition of a blatant cheater, but you need to know not everyone is dumb as a rock to cheat blatantly. Just being able to know where everyone is at any given time is a huge advantage, you don’t even need to use aimbots or other exploits.

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If we could agree that botters are cheaters too, it depends imho on your game mode and played BR.

Even without playing naval i follow their discussions - they have massive problems with bots and upgraded bots with aimbots.

Or just look at recent discussions of the Air SB pilots confirming players with supernatural levels of awareness and outstanding levels of detecting incoming IR missiles fired from behind and below (bllind spot) or their ability to find players on the other side of the map hugging the ground.

In my own mode Air RB it is more likely to see premium B-25s/A-20 Gs with bot scripts than actual pilots. I mean yes, i watched countless replays and reported them, but i simply gave up, because i came to the conclusion that it is the duty of gaijin to detect and ban these guys and i waste my time.

These are claims of highly experienced players, there is no need for additional evidence to prove them in this thread. The op refers to ineffective or absent actions by gaijin to prevent this, and not if bots/cheaters exist.

So if your own experiences are different - i am happy for you. But denying that there is no problem based on your experience and trying to explain it with lack of skill, so not being able to distinguish between a cheater and a good player, is not really helpful.

I brought this up like a week ago about the flood of cheaters that have been happening. I was told by the community that it was impossible to run into cheaters at almost every other match. The community says there is no issues, Gijin doesnt care , the community at large doesnt care.