Gaijin.Add Fuel Tank to J8F,PLZ

J8F really very much need Fuel Tank now!28 Minutes fuel is just not enough for those huge maps.

In this match,if i have over 30 minutes fuel,i can not die after i have no fuel and have to crash to ground,i can get my 4 kills with J8F,but i have no fuel.Even i dont go very far toward their base.I just fly half map and come back,AND I Still HAVE NO Enough FUEL.

Gaijin,add the fuel tank to J8F.I know you have some bias on China things,and Sim1080p also said “China J8F 28 minutes is very enough for the huge map,we wont add fuel tank to it now,wait for years”,but i hope you can add it.It is very neccesary.It is just extremly unequal for China player while others nation get fuel tank.Even the copied F16 in China tree also get fuel tank.China bias.
IF J8F get the fuel tank,i wont die! I wont die because i have no enough fuel and have to lose control and crash on ground near my base!Even after i dogfight and win 3 people near my base,i die,because i have no enough oil!Gaijin!28 minutes fuel is just really do not enough!Add the Fuel Tank it supposed to get to J8F!PLZ


Just climb, the J-8F has more than enough fuel to last you through engagements and then return to base if you stay above 6000m.

And face the wall of Phoenixes and Sparrows? no thanks. besides, it doesnt matter if it has ‘‘enough fuel’’, it had drop tanks IRL, just like other jets, and it could be useful ingame (enduring confrontation for instance).
it has right now around the same amount of fuel as an f16, not counting external fuel tanks, and the F16 does get them, so your argument just doesnt make sense


Many aircraft do not have their drop tanks. It is a planned addition and will receive them eventually.

In the meantime, pay attention for smoke trails and RWR pings. It is far too easy to simply evade a missile at altitude in an aircraft that comfortably cruises at 1.5+ mach. The J-8F has some of the best high altitude acceleration in the game. No F-16 or F-14 will be catching you.

Meanwhile, dive and sling PL-8 at people who aren’t paying attention. It’s pretty good.

I doubt you’ve ever really learned or played with top-of-the-line BR, and as far as I know and see, none of the J-8F games will climb to the same height as the F14 MiG-29F16, which are top over-the-horizon strike aircraft.

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I’ve been playing for quite some time, you’d be surprised. Use the advantages given to you, the J-8F has some insane high altitude performance.

thats fine and all, but still it would be useful to have them. does it NEED them? no, almost no plane in the game needs external fuel tanks if people just dont blast afterburner all the time, but it would still be useful to have it.
Not to mention sim players, where some players stay in the air for the full duration of their fuel tank, like me.

and yeah yeah high altitude performance is good, but still you have to get past that wall of sparrows and phoenixes, so i dont know why youre arguing against something that would have 0 net negative influence on the game, and would only help a niche amount of players

It’s really easy to dodge missiles that tell you they’re coming whether it be a gigantic smoke trail or a RWR ping. The Phoenix and Sparrow are not a serious concern at very high altitudes and speeds. Find people below you, sneak up behind and pop a Python 3 into them from a distance.

If they see you first, turn around and just avoid getting close enough for the missiles to be a threat. If you think someone’s tracking you, don’t engage.

But I only see 24 J-8F kill records on your resume, and I don’t think you’re right to say that the strength of the J-8F is online

If the J-8F is at high altitude, it is impossible to only face high-altitude radar bombs, you also need to face low-altitude targets, but it is very difficult to see low-altitude radar bombs, because, at this time, the enemy is often close to you only 10km away, if the large maneuver J-8F will definitely lose a lot of energy to avoid radar bombs, so that it may be re-bitten by enemy aircraft 6 points, easier to be killed

I have been playing for 11 years, I’ve got some experience to be making inferences on a vehicle.

J8F can completely go high in the air, because it can quickly accelerate to Mach 1.5 at a height without track clouds, colleague’s fuel consumption is huge, I often climb to 5700 meters in the sky hovering at high altitude waiting for the opportunity, the fuel of the J-8F in the big picture is really not enough.

Just checked the record, your top jet history mode totals less than 1500 games, and the J-8F field is even more pitiful to 18 games, I think this has nothing to do with the vehicle, it is fundamentally personal reasons, it is true that the risk of flying to high altitude without radar bombs is huge, but there is a risk and there is a reward, and your game experience does not support you

There was once a gaijin planner who said that if you don’t like to play, don’t play if you don’t like it, I have experienced that there is a clear gap between the J-8F and other aircraft, so I didn’t play. I don’t think waiting for a chance to sneak up on the air is a helpful gameplay that might be surprisingly successful, but if your teammates are quickly wiped out, it’s only a matter of time before you die