Further punishing spawn- campers

I see a nice turn in players getting punished for spawncamping. But I have one more suggestion that would make the game more enjoyable to play:
People that shoot vehicles in the spawn- zone should be marked on the map. Even if they are outside of the red zone.
Since some maps have spots in which people can hammer outgoing people consistantly and with an unfair advantage it would be nice to to know where you are getting shot from when your team turns into cheese and you don’t know where to look.
This could also make games longer and more enjoyable.


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They do if you’ve spawned in for at least 20 seconds. Big red shield shows up above them, and they get a message showing that your invincible.

I mean that enemy vehicles get a marked on the map if they shoot into the spawn.

It’s already in-game as part of the new roadmap.

Then this mechanic is designed so that I didn’t even notice it. Boi.

Or just fix the spawn zones…

Doesn’t make sense to punish the players for shitty map design.

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