Frontal Armor of M1 Abrams Series

Theres a reason gaijin hasn’t added D.U, and gave it its exact armor values, no round in the game would be able to Penetrate any of the Sep Model, no matter if the hull was hit or the turret armor.

Primex Technologies M829A2 APFSDS-T : United States of America (USA) (

Primex Technologies M829A2 APFSDS-T

After finding out that the main anti-armor ammunition of American M1A1 Abrams tanks, M829A1 “Silver Bullet” could not overcome the Soviet dynamic protection Kontakt-5, a program was quickly launched to develop a new sub-caliber ammunition to eliminate this problem. Thanks to the disintegration of the USSR in the early 1990s, the West had the opportunity to acquire several pieces of former Soviet equipment, including tanks equipped with Kontakt-5.

The analysis came up with several solutions very quickly. In the case of new ammunition, it was a combination of two basic methods, the first was to add to the tip of the projectile the so-called “Spike” covered under a ballistic cap. This spike has a cylindrical shape about 50mm long and 13mm in diameter, and its purpose is to simulate a small-caliber projectile and gradually widen a penetration hole without detonating explosive elements in reactive armor. The second was to coat the penetrator core in a high-strength steel alloy. Projectiles coated in this way have a low probability of shattering when hit by an ERA board, although they can change their direction and reduce their penetrating force, but they will not break.

M829A2 was manufactured by the American company Primex Technologies (now General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (GD-OTS)). It was introduced into service in 1992, small-scale production began in 1993, by the year 2000, more than 150,000 pieces were produced, the price of one piece is $ 4,000 (data from 2000).

The M829A2 achieves much more performance than its predecessor, the M829A1, thanks to several improvements. Thanks to the new production process of the piercing core made of super DU, embedded in the steel casing, the structural quality of the entire projectile has significantly improved. The penetrator is 698mm (670) long, with a diameter of 22mm, and the DU core weighs almost 5kg. The JA-2 powder charge is ignited with an M129 electric match, a special production process made it possible to divide the rod powder charge into small parts, which allows it to maintain the ballistic properties of the granulate. The M829A2 was the first in the world to use a composite detachable guide sheath (SABOT) for an APFSDS projectile of this size. The three-part guide sheath is made of a graphite composite reinforced with carbon-epoxy fibers, which reduces the parasitic weight of the projectile by 30% and thus allows the use of a longer penetrator. The synthetic rubber seal at the end of the guide assembly prevents hot gases from escaping from the burning dust charge. The combination of these features managed to increase the muzzle velocity of the M829A2 by 100 m/s compared to the M829A1, to 1,680 m/s (5,500 ft/s), while reducing the gas pressure in the charge chamber.

Assumed penetration M829A2 in mm RHAe:
At the mouth [1670m/s] = 790mm ± 120mm at 0 ° & 410mm ± 60mm at 60 °
1000m [1610m/s] = 750mm ± 110mm at 0 ° & 390mm ± 60mm at 60 °
2000m [1551m/s] = 700mm ± 100mm at 0 ° & 360mm ± 50mm at 60 °
3000m [1491m/s] = 650mm ± 100mm at 0 ° & 330mm ± 50mm at 60 °
4000m [1432m/s] = 590mm ± 90mm at 0 ° & 307mm ± 40mm at 60 °

Although the M829A2 was surpassed by the new M829A3 in 2003, it was still stored in large quantities. In mid-2014, General Dynamics received $ 12,000,000 from the US military to demilitarize and dispose of 78,000 depleted uranium tank ammunition, including M829A1 and M829A2.

TTÚ M829A2:
• Grenade length: 984 mm
• Grenade weight: 20.4 kg
• Projectile weight: 8.35kg
• Projectile length: 794mm
• Penetrator length: 698mm
• Inner core length: 670mm
• Penetrator weight: 4.92kg
• Effective range: 4000m
• Dust weight: 8.6 kg
• Generated pressure: 5600 bar at + 21 ° C
• Penetration: ± 750mm RHAe (2000m)
• Muzzle velocity: 1680m/s

The 120mm KEW-A2 from General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems is a commercial version of the Army M829A2 intended for export. It is designed for 120mm cannons with a smooth bore barrel, the only difference compared to the military version is the use of tungsten penetrator instead of DU. KEW-A2 was certified for export by the US government in September 2003. GD-OTS also offers a complete logistics package for ammunition.

Grenade length: 984 mm (38.7 ")
Dust charge: JA-2
Dust weight 8.6 kg (19 lbs.)
Generated pressure: 5600 bar (81.200 psi at + 21 ° C)
Projectile weight: 7.6 kg (16.7lbs.)
Muzzle velocity: 1700 m/s at + 21 ° C
Penetration: 670-700mm RHAe (2000m)


All exported M1 tanks, all models, do not have depleted uranium armor, it is forbidden to sell to foreign countries.

M829A2 Was able to defeat the K5 at ranges up to 1,000 Meters, and the round itself could go through the turret of the T-80 at ranges of 6,000 Meters

Tandem explosive reactive armor “Duplet” (
The Russians already know that M829A3 , DM53 , DM63 Defeat all ERA

Australia Has D.U armored tanks.

Sending you this link again because you ignored it completely.
T-80U has worse UFP protection than T-72B 1989 or any T-90 there is.

And you providing russian sources here is just providing their speculations, it would be just the same as making game by NATO speculations where they could easily overestimate or vice versa.
They state that T-90 will be penetrated at 6 km range by M829A2, now I have given you link to video proving that T-80U with literally worse UFP protection than T-72B or T-90/T-90A cant be penetrated on 1km distance (6 times less than they stated it will be on T-90), now how can that be different on better protected tanks?
Plus this literally comes from their suggestion to put Relikt onto tanks to their goverment, which is literal advertising with overstating.

M829A3 can penetrate T-72B3/T-72B 1989 better.
However russian images you sent dont even have M829A3 mentioned, while the translation put by someone has it mentioned, so its also a wrong translation.


Because gaijin has refused to fix the armor gap in the abrams from years ago, this same armor gap was shown on russian tanks, but they fixed in on them in a week.


Because its completely wrong and in reality just company trying to sell something to army via false advertising. It states that T-90 with K-5 cant stand M829A2 at 6km while T-80U by actual tests can take it and be fine on km distance with literally worse armour. I stated this earlier but you cant seem to read. I would rather trust tests than what seller company will say.

The Swedish trials do not represent the sep2. The sep2 hull protection rating was doubled by the time sep2 was created.


The A2 was an export version.

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Except both on trials and in USA army weight the same. Meaning no difference in armor package.

So you advocate invulnerable tanks in the game ? How will that play out ?

What Abrams we have in the game it even worse than export monkey model they need a lot of frontal armor buff along with other

So that means with every weight increase between variants, the armor should have increased.

Ah yes, the table of facts and indisputable evidence which comes from, uh “Gary’s Combat Vehicle Reference Guide.”

A literal random website that totally lacks basic academic citation standards, even wikipedia has better sourcing.

The other source cited by this document doesn’t substantiate which arrays have DU or not.

So it’s a meaningless table of non-evidence totally unsupported by the sources it cites.

The M1A2S was the export version of the A2 to Saudi Arabia.

I mean, they definitely don’t.

Evidence indicates they don’t.

The Australian Parliament even seems to be told “The 59 M1 Abrams tanks for Australia have been
selected from tanks whose usage has been in peace time training and
which have not fired depleted uranium ammunition. They will not
include any elements of depleted uranium armour”

Maybe they have D.U. elsewhere, but AFAIK it’s certainly not in the armour arrays of Australian Abrams tanks.

So they can shoot DU projectiles but not have it in their tanks armor? lol okay….

I can’t justify nationalist mental gymnastics, but that’s what they do.

At the time, DU was (in my opinion, rightfully) recognised as dangerous and generally not seen very well politically.

I can only find this evidence, stating that the use of DU was denied in parliament.

You see when im dealing with people like you, i start to actually wonder if you all really do take propaganda and believe it. Not even in warthunder can the T80U survive a hit from M829A2 from 2,000 meters, Gaijin has purposely nerfed every single Nato tank armor and Ammo in the game.

Oh and it doesnt matter what you think, because the seller company cannot lie to the U.S Government, as they would be taken to court and fined MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.
The U.S Military has already tested our ammo on " acquired " tanks with K5 and " relikt " on them, and the ERA is worthless.

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