French aircraft and their economy in WT

Classic derailed thread:

The tags are “aircraft” and “france” - and not “ground” and “france”…

So we need to talk about france’s navy then? :P

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to be fair if i remember right you cant give a thread both tags ground and air

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It would be a replacement of the hellfires more than the HOT. Akeron are very, very recent. Not sure they are actually in service yet, but testing on euro tigers started in like 2020, so I guess only the HAD would have them, while the premium HAP is stuck with HOT3s which aren’t bad for 10.0

So my friend must follow the discussion and you will understand that he is talking about the Tiger helicopter… So they are in the right thread.


Moreover in view of the title of the subject I think that we can talk about all that gaijin does which proves that they exist of French Bashing and it does not matter the type of gameplay. But it’s true that the simple tag “France” would have sufficed in this case.

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Uncle meaned further above

like here

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the mk3 tiger ya hopefully gaijin adds it at some point though its still in development

Late bump, but having played France naval up to the Émile Bertin and Colbert I can confirm that it is also hard mode

Their only saving grace is speed and guns, and their speed can’t help much against the Moffet/Prinz Eugen/Des Moines spam…


Also how France has pretty much NO roof mounted MG’s at BR 7.7, where you are engaging helicopters and jets is just ridiculous. There are spots for them, there’s even bipods on the roofs of some of those tanks but with no machine gun! Why can’t we have them when everyone else does?

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idk its the same with the Leclercs there are mounts just gaijin refuses to put them on

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But gaijin made Azur (:

and still made it wrong

Leclerc azur is based on the S21 not the S2

they do not. The best fighters of each BR sit within france.

6.3? F8F-1b. 8.3? Vautour IIN late. 10.3? Mirage 3E. 11.3? Mirage F1C. 13.0? Mirage 2000 5F. The Etendard and the Super Mystere are both better aircraft for air RB than the mig17, they trade ER for a better engine and much MUCH better guns and missiles.

What!? When these plane become “the best”? F8F-1B just average, not “best” or “worst”; Vautour IIN late cannot be “the best” because of it’s purpose, it not universal compared to light fighters like MiG-15 or F-86 Saber, only intercepting high-altitude, low-maneuvering targets; Mirage IIIE also not “the best”, since it doesn’t have powerful enough engine to quickly reach altitude or dogfight (also airframe design itself doesn’t allow this), MiG-21SMT/MF or F-8E Crusader is much better, without being inferior in armament; Mirage F1 cannot be called “the best” due to worst performance characteristics of this BR. Yes, Magic 2 is excellent missile, but extremely difficult destroy enemy when he has significantly better maneuverability and acceleration characteristics, not mention SARH-guided missiles (MiG-23MLD and F-4J/S); Mirage 2000-5 not “the best”, just good. MICA missile good at short distances (up to 20 km) thanks to TVC and good energy, beyond 20 km it’s much inferior to AIM-120 and AAM-4, which can be launched further than 40-50 km, even at medium altitudes (3-6 km)
Étendard and Super Mystere, in exchange for more powerful engine, very quickly lose energy in maneuver, which is why MiG-17 can easily outplay them, extremely controversial advantage

it really doesn’t. Some of the best planes are french.

Super Mystere, Super Etendard, all mirage 2000s, VB10, mirage f1c’s (after being buffed 10 times while still sitting at 11.3, crazy), mirage 4000, these aircraft are insanely competent and clearly among the top dogs.