FPS drops / stuttering has NOT been fixed

Its actually even worse now since the last Update…before i haven’t had any FPS Drops / Stuttering when i started playing again since like ~20th January. Now today the Update comes out saying FPS Drops have been fixed - and i get FPS drops and stuttering.


I’ve been playing since November 2022, and since I’d say since Sky Guardians I’ve been having really bad, sometimes game-crashing frame drops and they haven’t went away. My hardware is fine.

Mine is fine as well and WT is the only MP Game where i have this issue.

But i took a break from Christmas until like ~20th January and since the 20th January i didn’t have any FPS Problems but now that they dropped the Update saying they fixed FPS Drops…i get FPS drops and stuttering in a few matches, not all but in some.

Game froze before the update, now works fine to me.

I am experiencing stutter after update also and agree that it is worse than before the update.

Don’t know what to say. I don’t experience any stuttering. What are your specs?

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Today I can’t even play. Tried going from high, to medium, to ultra low, and still having issues.
In Ultra Low Graphics it will be as high as 250fps and then freeze 5 seconds and then be 5 fps.
I’ve noticed it’s been laggier as of recently, but WT has its days sometimes, but this is unreal.

I understood that the “It’s Fixed!” addresses framerate drop for aircraft, doesn’t it? Either way I’m having it on the ground when I am near an enemy, often to the point of being rubberbanded to the spot. I don’t know if that’s just my internet, though.

I got the same problem. GTX3060ti + R5 3600 + 16G DDR4. FPS still froze from time to time.

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Norris, one thing I tested is going in a test drive since that is more local. Mine still lags but might be worth checking out for you.