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Thanks for the idea lol

Are we playing blackout bingo, cause if not it’s too easy.

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Blackout bingo ? What is that ? O.o

@ZendikarHaven how to play it ? :D

Fill everything out lol, as opposed to normal with just a row/collum

You have to cover the entire board to get a bingo.

oh okay that might take a day or so lol

Missed the one about maps… map rotation / too small maps / too big maps …


yeah, this “bingo” is a tank main game/theme, nothing about planes/jets(CAS doesn’t count . . . lol), which are well represented here in the Forum. I mean sure, they don’t scream their fingers off like tanksters, but still. And no cheaters?? . . . and Bingo has 5 letters, so . . . 5 rows across, 5 up & down . . . “Free Space” in the middle so . . . 1 less thing.
(and yeah I am old and know about bingo . . . REAL Bingo! . . .lol)


I can’t believe the thread got this dep without anyone pointing out how to spell B.I.N.G.O.

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Man its just meant to be funny :(

Send me ideas for more squares and I can make a 5x5, though.

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“Game is dying” (because the devs don’t do what I want) would be a good inclusion too.


Put on the list for v2 bingo!

When the forum is more entertaining than the game itself… :)

“Germany suffers”
“'murrica suffers”


You missed AB player in RB forum. Though it is only one member that often does that I don’t want them to feel left out.

Literally me fr…

There is this lol,

Lmao, perfect.

Is the “0 hourse without new CAS thread” for people who make CAS threads or people who comment that on them?

People who comment it on them.