FORBID low level players to join events

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I will ban you from events


The event has no stakes and even gives you credit when you die now giving a portion of your resources.

What do you want your team mates to do? You can progress without their help.


As much as I think new players shouldnt be able to buy premium vehicles higher than their highest rank + 1, banning them from events is terrible idea, lot of people from our discord started playing warthunder exactly because of april fools event to just goof around and stayed afterwards.


IDK man, armored warfare does it pretty well by blocking new players from joining… And it’s a lot more fun due to it

How are you gonna ban him from events???

N o
April fools and other events are no-stakes (Beyond cosmetics), events that are very fun.

Arachis actually got me playing a lot more, so imagine what it did for much newer players.


What a ludacris suggestion.

…it does? Only limitation I’ve had is that my vehicle had to be of a specific tier to join.

Exactly. You need a certain amount of progression (and skill) to play in a certain event.
Easier events have less or no restrictions, while harder events and better gamemodes require better vehicles.

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“it’s not me, it’s them. Gatekeep the game for MY enjoyment”


Imagine working in the gaijin marketing wing and someone tells you this

“Lets make it so that new players can’t join an event that draws new players in”


It was a joke. Fairly obvious given that this discssion thread is pointless in the first point.

I mean, it doesn’t really come across as a joke when taking the ridiculousness of many serious treads into account

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This is a terrible idea cause then the game makes no money and people wont want to stay


With all due respect, this is a horrible idea and I hate it. This event has no stakes, get over it.