Flight performance of some helicopters is not working properly

After an entire day of testing, I’ve discovered a new game-breaking bug that is afflicting some helicopters.
The helicopters that i’ve discovered have this bug are: MI-24V, MI-24P, Lynx AH.MK1, Tiger UHT, and A.129 (P).
There are probably others that I didn’t test or have.
The main problem is the lack of climb rate; it’s like these helicopters on full load don’t have enough power to just use them normally, and in some cases, they’re even unplayable.
I’m aware of the altitude, air pressure, etc. that make helicopters perform worse, but this is different.
An anomaly I found is that in test drives and custom games, these helicopters don’t have problems, and they will perform a lot better. This performance loss happens only in online games, like realistic or simulation battles.

  1. Lynx AH.MK1 Spaded

In this video, you can see how, in Sim, this helicopter can’t fly over the tree line to make it out of the helipad, making it unplayable in this case.

This one instead is in realistic custom; there are no problems, as you can see.

  1. Tiger UHT Spaded

Here you can clearly see the collective at 100% and the climb rate at 0 m/s (0:50). Right after, I’ve dropped the AAM with no differences, and then by dropping the AGM, the helicopter will gain a huge performance difference.
Somehow I’ve managed to get out of the helipad after finally gaining enough altitude to not touch the trees, and here (4:04), I’ve noticed a slow performance gain right after getting out of the helipad, making it possible to position and engage ground units, but then (5:07), after losing some altitude behind the mountain, the performance issue reappered while engaging enemies (5:29).
Other helicopters, like Apaches and MI-28As in this video, don’t have problems.

For reference, this is the same situation (same weather too), but in custom, and there are no problems at all.

You may think this is reasonable considering the altitude of this map, but it’s not happening only here.

As you can see here, this happened on Sinai too.

Obviously, in a custom game, this doesn’t happen.

  1. MI-24V and P Stock
    This is interesting and made me understand that this is a serious bug.
    I have vivid memories of using these helicopters sometime in the past, especially the Russian MI-24V to unlock the Poland event skin, and they never performed so badly.

In this video, you can see the German Mi-24P struggling to get outside the Vietnam helipad.
The premium one is climbing, but very slowly.

This one is the Russian Mi-24V, and as you can see, it won’t climb even in Poland (it’s not a high-altitude map for sure).
I remember unlocking the event skin in this map, and it wasn’t performing like this.

So I’ve tested the predecessor, the Mi-24A, and it works properly, as you can see in this video.

This for reference is the climb rate in the test drive of the Mi-24V, stock, and full load.

I think this has been happening since the last major update and must be fixed as soon as possible.

I’ve made a ticket in the bug tracker here, and I invite you to vote so it can be fixed soon.


Has anyone tested this?

Have you had the genius idea of letting RPMs build in any of these examples?

It doesn’t matter.

Anyway, I figured it out. It was a bug related to the new fuel quantity system; even if the minimum load was selected, it resulted in a full tank once it spawned.
This was fixed with the yesterday patch.

Indeed, as you can see in the videos, i’ve selected the mininum load but the fuel time in the bottom left is higher then in custom battles or test drive.
Shame on me on never notice this before.

I just tested it and now they works properly.
So, it’s fixed.

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This has been a recurring issue, and was present before the slider. It’s very easy to notice if you use WTRTI or a similar overlay, as you can see fuel % and weight.

Let’s see if it sticks this time…

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