Fix the Mirage 2000-5F

The Mirage 2000-5F is still lacking in terms of competitiveness compared to the Mig-29 and F-16, especially the newer variants. It still does not have its MAWS, helmet-mounted sight, and the Super 530D is lacking in speed. The Magic 2 is still missing its IRCM.

There is no reason for the M2K-5F to go months without HMS when it has been reported while other planes continue to be implemented properly. Further, it is now missing its ability to carry 4x Magic 2s.

Now that the US and RU have legitimate top tier air to ground options, there is no reason to be holding back the Mirage 2000-5F.

Here are reports on the Mirage 2000-5F and it’s equipment/weapons:


Spoiler // Issues
Mirage 2000C and 2000-5F should have a 4x Magics loadout. // Issues
Mirage 2000-5F should get helmet-mounted sight.

Wrong CM dispenser // Issues


Spoiler // Issues
AS-30 missiles have incorrect penetration values // Issues
PGM bombs should not self explode // Issues
AS-30L missing X-12 warhead // Issues
Incorrect AS-30 missile motor implementation // Issues
AS-30 Laser should have LOAL and mid-course guidance. // Issues
AS-30 should have SAP-HE warhead // Issues
Super 530D is missing about 23% in front lock-range. // Issues
AS-30 missile should have a launch range of 12km. // Issues
The Super 530D should have time-to-target readjusted. // Issues
Super 530D should be able to be fired in TWS

Magic 2 lacks resistance against countermeasures // Issues // Issues
R-530 family series of missiles should not self explode when lock is lost.


Spoiler // Issues
Mirage 2000-5F is missing TWS PD // Issues
RDY radar has missing air to air and air to ground modes. // Issues
RDY radar missing automatic waveform management.

  1. // Issues
    Missing boresight aiming for RDY radar *New

The Mirage 2000-5F needs these fixes yesterday, it doesn’t make sense to leave the Magic 2 and Super 530D in this state when the M2k only gets 4 compared the F-16 and Mig29 six missiles, or F-14’s eight. Especially when the Magic 2’s range is abysmal compared to the Aim9L


doesn’t help that missiles are self exploding again without losing lock seeker must be bugged or nerfed which nerf seems very unlikely


I agree with you, it seems now with Olivia’s new leak that they’re debating AIM-9M + AIM-120 vs R-77 + R-73, there’s nothing in the equation for France it seems.

Yeah just weird bugs at the moment.

Huh? which Olivia leak? I didn’t see any AIM-9Ms or AIM-120s etc

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Oh, and don’t forget we now have primary source proof that the Magic 2 should have better flare resistance than missiles like the R-73 which only have 2 element. Magic 2 has a multi-element detector according to the French government in a book sold by the French navy. While the book says restricted distribution, it is found in the national archives.


Just looked it up and this account isn’t Olivia’s:

It’s still right tho:

Post this as a suggestion and bug report // Issues magic 2 seeker report already been done


The report doesn’t include the new government source just yet, so hopefully soon it’s added to the report.

Great now we must find a source that proves the 50G true maneuverability of the Magic 2 and gaijin will be more cornered than ever.


LMAO even if it is wkipedia the fact that this is a thing means a lot LOL :
same type weapon eh… from wikipedia R73 french page :

What do you mean by that?
They are all heatseeker missiles, obviously they are the same type of weapon.

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I wonder if the Mirage 4000 could help cover the gap
Any idea how many 530D it can carry? It would be nice to have the 2000 as the nimble 4 missile fighters and the 4000 as the 11 hardpoint SARH bus

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According to official loadout by Dassault, it can carry 4 Super 530Ds. The only problem with Mirage 4000 is that it wouldn’t be able to get helmet-mounted sight and would not be able to upgrade with MICAs in the future. It also didn’t carry MAWS.

Also the instructor really limit the plane" so that should also get fixed


Usually this section of an article only shows missile that are arround the same level of performance, otherwise many other missiles that are crap compared to R73 could have been placed here like SRAAM, R60, Magic 1 but all of these just cannot be said as same type as they do not have IRCCM nor a maneuverability as high as R73 or feature all aspect in the first place like IRIS = 60G IRCCM, Magic 2 = 50G IRCCM, MICA = 50G IRCCM, Python V = 50G IRCCM, ASRAAM = 40+G (dunno exactly) IRCCM(dunnon for sure again), AIM 9M and onwards 30G IRCCM. It always stays arround the R73 performances.