Fix hullaim!

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Well, the slope angle is a historical thing, as it would flip or get stuck in ditches if not crossing at a 45° angle. See the “regular day” of a S-tank crewman.

Ok this is true, but in my experience it seems that hullaim just stops working properly after trying to aim on a slope of like 15°

Either way the hullaim mechanic needs a rework, once and for all hopefully.

Yes; I don’t really understand how hard it is for them to get it right, as it shouldn’t be this hard.

Ive seen a bug report that suggested a genius way of fixing the hullaim issue, this could maybe work

Unfortunately its been. Long time and i dont think gaijin gives a damn about fixing it. If it was one of their main priorities then it would have been fixed long ago. Its a small problem in a pool of more important things like adding more premiums.