Finnish T-50 up armoured : a T-50 with a UFP stronger than a T-34

That one is interesting as it has full size extra plate at turret front.
I posted two different Finnish uparmored T-26s here Discussion of Potential Finnish and Swedish ground vehicles - #31 by Teh0

There was a bugreport about T-50 top speed to get it from planned 60km/h to production vehicle 52km/h, but they still haven’t implemented that. Maybe they might not do that at all? This also makes me wonder what they would give to this one. We have just one tertiary source mentioning 37.5km/h and nothing about what kind of conditions that was achieved in.

Yeah we just dont know, some sources suggest 60, some say 52 and some even 63! But armour nerf is already bad for T-50 and now it cant bounce German 50mm. A speed nerf might just bump it down to 2.3 br. I hope it keeps its speed because the gun and turret traaverse it really letting it down and T-50 really relies on mobilty.

It still has as good gun, very good moblity and one of the best armors at 2.7. At 2.3 there are too many sluggish paper boxes. In my view over 50km/h isn’t even that often achieved due to speed losses when going up hills or turning corners. It will be difficult to decide if Finnish T-50 would fit better on 2.7 or 3.0.

Your point of mobility is true. Armour of T-50 is not too good, the front mantlet is a giant consistent weak sopt, same with the cupola. And gun can become tricky when facing shermans and Churchills. I think can be at 2.7 but requires skill.

Probably at 2.7 due to lower mobility and the turret mantlet weaksopt is not covered with any additional armour. Gaijin also likes to remove some shells from captured vehicles, so maybe APCR will be removed? Who knows.

I can’t really remember any mentions about the APCR round in Finnish sources. It could have been that rare.
Definitely T-50 requires it’s own way of fighting if the enemies know to shoot at the turret. If it had turret rotation speed of T-34, it could be even at 3.0, but with this it’s too difficult to get the first shot.
Must have been really poor cranking system if it really had this poor rotation speed or it’s unknown and snail uses it as balance function.

It was hand cranked irl, so the slow speed is there.

I dont understand why the traverse of the T-80 and T-50 are not same, one would think that the T-80 has a lighter turret and only 2 crew would traverse even faster than the T-50.


It depends how well balanced the turret is, how the hand crank is geared and if there is crank wheel for two or only for one. There are certainly faster hand cranked turrets in game.

The Finnish desert camo! Really it’s just the base paint which has not worn away. Too bad there aren’t colour photos of it from earlier.

Early on in Finnish service seems to have remained unpainted or at best had something very fated on it. Could be just the original Soviet paint. 15.2.1942.

Photos of Finnish war time winter tank camos are rare. Spring 1942.

The blinding smoke grenade tests happened in 18.4.1944. This paint was there already in January.

This is from 50s or 60s when it was still in service. Still the same paint.

Finns have the 6-cylinder inline engine on display in the museum. In WT damage model we still have a miniature V-12. The tank also misses radio and ammo racks don’t seem to match.

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Now the Soviet T-50 goes 52km/h. The previous top speed was most likely mix-up from the Kirov prototype, which had a different gearbox. At 3rd gear it goes 35km/h, which is close to the claimed topspeed of Finnish T-50. Perhaps the 4th gear broke?

Maybe the soviet T-50 is gonna move down with a speed nerf.

As otherss have suggested, it is highly possible the 4th gear broke, so I have left the speed as 37.5 km/h to 63 km/h

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You can add this book into the sources. It doesn’t really have any extra details, but at leasts it confirms some of the basic stuff, like 14.5 ton weight.
The Finnish armoured vehicles 1918 - 1997, Esa Muikku & Jukka Purhonen, 2003, ISBN 952-5026-33-7

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Vehicle weight and speed corrected , additional poll options also added!

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Did you find some source mentioning the origins? Wouldn’t make any sense in Soviet tree if they never had one.

Gaijin sometimes puts a vehicle in multiple trees that are associated with the vehicle. Most likely wont go to USSR tree (as I voted Finnish tree myself), but the i made the poll option available if people want it in the USSR tree.


I suppose they do sometimes, though in this case USSR has other good options for same BR to add: T-127 and T-50-2.