Find something interesting for CV9030

They already consider such issue. Such as M3 and ADATS, they both using M242 but ADATS has 700 rpm while M3 only has 200

ADATS has actually been modified to increase RPM.

In the same book, the CV 9030 N only mention it has 200 rpm RoF. 🤔

Considering we have planes such as the F16AJ which NEVER existed and Planes which never carried Aim 7s carrying Aim 7s.

I dont see a reason not to add the tracking for game balance reasons.

Could you show the page used to nerf the cv9040c please

Sure dude

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CV9030N is a MK I and not a MK II that the FIN is. MK II seemingly having updates to its electronics including partial digitization.

It would not be hard to conceive that there was some power generation improvements to accompany it.

Besides any lacking in voltage/power to maintain rate of fire could plausibly be mediated by holding a higher RPM while firing.


Thanks is there anything more about the cv9040c?

where did you get that file?
i want it :)

I will upload full file soon. My cellphone has some problems. I must use my laptop to upload it.

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@Necronomica @meki98


thank you very much

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Than you! ^^

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