Feedback ground changing on Poland and Field of Poland

Hi all,

What do you think about groud modification on Poland’s maps?

Much harder to say then with Normandy. Feels like lot of changes that don’t really matter in the end.
Team that spawns east now has much more cover when spawning south,but west team south spawn is still totally open. There is still the old problem that if west team gets C cap in normal poland they can snipe people coming from both spawn even with added cover. I still think west side has it better with more protected city side spawn and more chances to spawn camp after match has gone a while.

City is totally unchanged and I think that is bad. They should have added some hulldown cover and smaller obstacles, because city in Poland is still going to be massive corner campfest. It is also one of oldest towns in WT GF and it really feels old and really need some fresh air.

Biggest positive is cap changes in Fields of Poland and changes to south.


I feel like not much changed in regard of Poland that would provide enough cover for spawns. The city could have been enlarged a bit to all sides to be honest. I think it could use some more buildings from A point and create farm fields.

Poland is one of the if not the earliest urban map in WT. It really needs to be refined more.

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