Feedback: Air RB mission [Operation] Southeastern City

Leave your feedback on this new mission: Air RB mission [Operation] Southeastern City.

Good map

Tbh I thought it was just one of those maps that vanished from rotation I didn’t realize it was new

(Also, it would be cool if we could get some carriers/naval assets since there is a fair bit of water. D-2 and G-9 would be good placements I think)


I would love it if the player cap was set to 8v8 for these matches, 16v16 just seems too much for these maps


They’ve got the AI bots working pretty decent. I’d like to see missile/CM capable bots flying missions EC style as well, launching from the runways like the rest of your team (with increased rewards for killing them) to pad out the battle a bit without ending up in the same 16v16 craziness we already have.


Great map for 16v16.
Could use aircraft carriers.


Add carriers. Our naval aircraft need to be… Naval.


I support the addition of carriers

You paid so much money the modern carrier models for a reason


W/ such prominent amounts of water on this map, it would be nice to have some more boat and/or ship targets - very few maps have had those lately !


We all know that this map was inspired by Hong Kong. Can we see some of Hong Kong’s iconic buildings like the IFC and ICC? Even though they are very simple models.

To this map, the number of high-rise buildings in this map is still slightly lacking. Can we expect more high-rise buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbor and the Kowloon Peninsula area?

Finally, there is the aircraft carrier. This map has a lot of water, and there are also aircraft carriers parked in Hong Kong in reality, so I think supplementing the aircraft carrier on this map is a good choice.