F-4F KWS LV dev thread

And yet gaijin gets “suprised” when german players have a short temper about obvious mistreatement…

The F-4F ICE is obviously gaijin spitting in our faces. This thing could have been added a year ago or more and been mildly more competitive than it is now. Now its just a cool wallpaper in-game, and a free kill for anyone that spots it.


Excuse me, AIM-120A on F-4F KWS LV in dev server but in fact Luftwaffe never access AIM-120A

I want AIM-120B exchange AIM-120A

Outside of name they have no difference in warthunder just like Aim 7F and M

In dev server AIM-120B placeholder like AIM-120A

they arent, Smin already said they will be the exact same

Uh, I know about that

In my opinion, AIM-120A it’s exclusive for USAF & USN 4th generation fighter aircraft only.

Doesnt really matter, id rather gaijin focus those small problems for another time and rn focus on fixing the bigger problems.

I might hope gajin consider AIM-120B for nato fighter aircraft like Tornado F3 late and Sea Harrier FA.2

Actually F-16AM Block 15 MLU from belgium access AIM-120B AMRAAM. but it’s AIM-120A in dev server

Except that they literally did. They bought them for the initial stage of KWS program

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I need gajin mod implemented AIM-120B swap AIM-120A for AV-8B Plus (ITA), F-15J(M) (JASDF) and F-16AM Block 15 MLU (BAF) this month

Why not add unique ATGM munitions like Vertikale Bordwaffe (VBW) for dealing with tanks?

They did buy them though


Yeah, I don’t know why it didn’t come earlier with placeholder AIM-7s like the F-16C.

Because its underbelly slots were incapable of mounting AIM-7

The F-16C couldn’t use AIM-7s either from what I understand.

Besides, it would have only been a place holder and actually allowed the jet to be in game and ready to be spaded.

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ARH arent supposed to have any problem with close range shots, even in dogfights

it should lock first tho and it didn’t

F-16C Block 40/42 (F-16CG) and F-16C Block 50 (CCIP) not AIM-7M Sparrow capable.

I want AIM-7M move to tier IV modification and replace by x6 AIM-120C-5 AMRAAM, AIM-120A down to tier III but AIM-9M to tier II

Except F-16C Block 25 and F-16C Block 30/32 because was able to fire AIM-7M Sparrow because AN/APG-68 radar with Pulse Doppler Illuminator (PDILL) mode

It could. AIM-7F and newer variants could be guided without CW illuminator, with just HPRF radar returns.