F-4B “Shoehorn”: Vanguard of the Phantoms (now with countermeasures!)

An F-111 with Sparrows? Tell me more.

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Now that the battle rating shift has happened, should I make a new poll on what BR the F-4B should be at? I don’t see any way to edit my original post so I assume I’d have to add the poll in a reply or something.


would love to see it with that livery default. but it would probably be better for it to get the aim-9d stock and aim-9e as a modification.

No, AIM-9E was only used by the Air Force, while AIM-9D was only used by the Navy. 9B → 9D is the only progression that would make sense by service history. Also I personally think the 9D is superior to the 9E.

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oh wait I got the aim 9c mixed up with the d lol

The AIM-9C was only ever used on the F-8 Crusader, literally no other aircraft ever carried it as far as I’m aware. So unfortunately not something that would be carried by any Phantom variant.