F-20 RWR does not work Properly

F-20’s RWR will constantly stop sending signals, and then pickup again depending on the range. Tested this against a J-11 Radar. Which the F-5 RWR has no issues with.
Not only that, it has a downgraded version of the F-5E’s RWR, the plane it was BUILT off of and meant to advance/replace.
F-5E has the AN/ALR46(V)3 RWR
F-20 for some unknown reason has the AN/ALR46.
I truly see no reason whatsoever to have this difference, and is a glaring issue with the jets operational capability in AirRB


At least it can identify the locking planes, but yeah…

The F-5E in the game is a very peculiar plane, with avionics and weapons from different versions of it, using it as a base for the F-20 is practically a waste of time, Since the AN/ALR-46V3 belongs to the F-5F, Gaijin is modeling the F-20 as best he can (He didn’t carry AIM-9L, only AIM-9J/P, this is more satisfactory than an RWR)

Yeah but it doesn’t actually let you know when something is locking you with certain radars,
so, No?

though those Aim-9L’s are practically the reason its at an absurdly High BR For what the plane is (12.0, and its not the Sparrows bc the 4S has them at 11.3), so i would rather have the missiles downgraded in exchange for a RWR and a lower BR.

When I was on the dev server depending on the distance, I remember getting the plane designation shown on my RWR.

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Ooof lock disappearing sucks… hopefully that gets fixed…
(But yeah I knew I remembered the rwr identifying the locking planes radar, so that’s a plus I guess.)