F-16C deserves AIM-9M's at least

I believe that from a balance perspective the AIM-9M wouldn’t create an unfair play environment between the two top tier aircraft coming in this update. Seeing as how the Mig-29 is getting the R-73 with the use of its HMD, its going to see a much better use of its new missile system than the AIM-9M would offer for the American pilots.

(For context -“The AIM-9M is an improved AIM-9L having better background rejection and infrared countermeasures discrimination, and a low-smoke motor to reduce the visual signature of the weapon. Deployed in large numbers during the 1991 Gulf War, the AIM-9M was responsible for all 10 Sidewinder kills recorded during that conflict.”) -Wikipedia


I’d like to point out that at least you have a highly capable airframe, that is just lacking some parity in IRs. The argument for 9M roll out is a lot more extreme if you look at Britain or Sweden that has nothing even close in terms of airframe or AAMs to either US or USSR. Tornado F3 and Harrier Gr7 at minimum need Aim-9M ASAP or we could and should get SHar FA2 with 9M and later AMRAAM.


You’re missing the point. The F-16C, when compared to its air-to-air “equivalent” (obviously the two aircraft will differ in performance in air to ground and air to air, the F-16 having an advantage in A2G and the MiG having A2A), the F-16C lacks in both IR and SARH capabilities. Obviously an 11.7 or 11.3 is going to struggle against a 12.3. That’s how the game works. If you weren’t aware, the SMT and 16C are going up to 12.3. It’s confirmed. Once more 12.3 aircraft are added to the game, say like the JAS 39, these aircraft will be equipped with more competitive missiles. Adding overpowered missiles to lower BR planes because they get uptiers a ton is called powercreep, and it actively ruins the game. I don’t see a reason for the F-16C not to get AIM-9Ms, as it will greatly assist its ability to be a competitive dogfighter. It has no difference in flight performance from the AIM-9L, it simply upgrades the seeker. This puts it more on-level with the Python 3 or R-73. More aircraft getting access to the AIM-9M is a completely different discussion.


Except aircraft like the Torando F3 are MEANT to be higher, their current loadout and BR are 100% placeholder till AMRAAM and hopefully 9M. This is why the FGR2 and F3 are both 11.3. Makes no sesne if they are meant to be at that BR. Tornado F3 100% is suppose to get AMRAAM and 9M and move up to Br12. (its already at 11.7 in SB) Viggen is probably not an option, but Gripen with 9M short term 9M+AMRAAM long term with variable BR,

SHar FA2 100% will be coming with AMRAAM Update, it has to after the FRS1 work we’ve just had, but it could be added early with 9M and AMRAAM later. Yeah, slapping better missiles on lower BR jets is not a good idea, but if they are intended ot have them anyway, and they face them anyway, then better AAMs at a higher BR is the best option and much better than facing them without it


The F.3 for me is a hard one to take care of. No matter what weapons you give it, the airframe will always let it down. Against aircraft which can go faster, turn harder and retain more energy, it can’t even play in the role best for it, because it’s simply outclassed. If/when given AIM-120s or more powerful missiles, it will just get eaten by the same enemies it faces now, and even worse ones in the future. The only reason bad airframes and powerful missiles can be overpowered at 10.0-10.3 is because not everything at that BR has countermeasures. I would like to see these aircraft perform well, and maybe at some point get their “intended” loadouts like they should. I’m just too concerned about their future performance.

Tornado F3 is DOA at any BR, but at least it might be semi-fun with the right weapons. I personally would really like the SHar FA2 in the near future. Gunna be a bloody hard jet to fly, but will stand a better chance than the F3. But its limited hardpoints, including external guns, means it will be far more heavily reliant on Aim-9s for CQB, with guns probably not an option most of the time. So decent AAMs, like Aim-9M are going to be fairly essential. Which is why I think it could be an ideal test bed for them. Same way one of the first with 9L was the Harrier Gr7. Sea Harrier FA2 could be added AMRAAM-Less now (Just FRS1 with the engine from the Gr7… basically) and could be at 11.7 to test the waters for them before more general roll out. AMRAAM then can be added later and the BR increased accordingly. In my personal opinion. The Harrier Gr7 is the best A2A jet Britain has got at the moment, so essentially that, but with 9Ms would tie us over, still be a hard jet and struggle at times, but would be a lot more fun than the current situation

Italy is SoonTM to get an AV-8B+. Found in files with full modeled cockpit and everything. I see no reason not to add a Sea Harrier FA.2 with similar capabilities as well.

Apparently thats been there for a while, back when the Gr7 was added

So, I have no idea, yeah it could go to both and its probably long over-due for more Harrier II to be added. Though I think both US and Italy need a short Hiatus from getting even more new vehicles for a little bit. But I think both should intiially be akin to the Gr7, 11.7 with 9Ls and not something more than that.

The Italian one actually could carry the pod on the centerline pylon. I don’t think US ones ever did. It’s also marked in files as av_8b_plus_italy.blkx so I’ve got my hopes up. Unless given the AIM-120 I do feel like the FA.2 would be too similar to the GR.7 so maybe it could wait a little longer until the end of the year or something.

Its 100% has to be added with AMRAAM. Theyve spent the last 9 months working on the cockpit and bits for the FRS1, The only way that makes sense if they were also working on the FA2. But as a test platform, I could see it being sneaked into this update. but I seriously doubt it

If the AIM-9M is added to the F-16C, then all the other platforms that could carry it in other nations should get it aswell to counter the R-73, also the German MiG-29 should get R-73s aswell.


Yeah, I agree. Not sure how far they should take that for all things though. For britain for example. Torando F3 needs them, but might be better to leave harrier Gr7 alone to create a gap between Gr7 and the future Gr9, even though the Gr7 could get 9Ms.

9Ls next update onward can’t be flared when target is afterburning from at least the rear hemisphere.

It depends on which variant they want to add but if they add the AIM-9M-9. It will give it 35g overload. So it would be a nice upgrade over the 9L. Also the AIM-9M-9 had a really good IRCCM because after the fall of the soviet union. The West got their hands on the MiG-29 and got their flare frequency. Using this they upgraded the AIM-9M so its even more flare resistant

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Base AIM-9M would be excellent, but a later derivative would be nasty. Practically guaranteeing a kill as long as you are withing kinematic perameters.

When gaijin confirm F-16C Block 50 up to 12.3 this major update, at least could add AIM-9M before dev consider AIM-120B AMRAAM replace AIM-7M Sparrow Q4 this year

R-73 are better as dogfight missile
9M better as flare rejection
For me it fair enough
They also could use early AMRAAM to counter 27ER and ET since both ER and ET gonna beat Early AMRAAM in speed and range anyway

It already is unflareable if AB is on in current live version, when fired within 2km. Unless target has very low thrust, and thrust (plus engine RPM) determines the IR intensity.

AB performance of 9Ls and R-73s exceed 3KM on dev server in the rear hemisphere.
Haven’t tested beyond 3km tho since most players will launch within 3km anyway.

A better airframe is no use when the moment you get in a dogfight, an high off boresight R73 whips around the 2 circle and ignores my afterburn-less, flare dumping rear. Sure I can out rate/maneuver a mig29 but RB doesn’t give a shit, let alone in sim where it’s just missle spam anyway.

The 9M is at least a stopgap when the F16 has worse fox 1s and fox 2s, since Gaijin won’t give us fox 3s for the near future.

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