F-16C Block 50 and Barak II JHMCS

The F16C got a nice new HMD feature(for those who are not familiar with the cockpit view, its the line from the center towards where your pod is looking), but it’s still missing the radar lock indication.

And also the HUD should show as well where your pod looking excatly.

Can a dev answer this for me? : When will we be able to slave the targeting pod/optical seeker from the cockpit view in both aircraft and helicopters and have proper zoom levels on the MFDs? Would be nice and immersive to have that for simmers.


The Israeli Barak II should get the DASH helmet, not the JHMCS. Both are made by Elbit systems :)

However, I am not sure if there is any meaning to the current used model, maybe Gaijin plans to model HMDs all the same.

Other issues with the f-16 HMD and HUD:

  • Radar lock in the HUD disappears when a missile is locked
  • Distance from the SPI isn’t displayed at all times with the TGP, and it is bugged at 5.3nm when the TGP isn’t directly looking
  • Maverick target point doesn’t show
  • The compass on top of the HUD is still off by 90°
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All true, and some of them reported a long time ago.

Also the flypath marker is wrong, IDK why the virtual cockpit can have it right, but not in the HUD…