F-16C block 50 6 Fox1

I think the F-16C still lacks BVR capability due to the limit to 2 Fox1 because it should be able to carry 6 Fox1, in my opinion.

It’s not technically possible to carry six AIM-7s on F-16C Block 50


True, so I guess we just have to wait for 6 Fox3 then… because of its current loadout, F14b would be a better choice. :(

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What the F-16C has over the F-14B is maneuverability and HMD. It’s more of a dogfight-centric design, and should be treated that way. If radar missiles are your go-to, then the F-14 is a better option, and even the F-15 in the (probably) near future. Just gotta wait.

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I know F-16C Block 50 not technically fire AIM-7M but gaijin access AIM-7M this quarter temporarily until dev consider AIM-120B replace AIM-7M Q4 this year

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Not true. Block 50 could guide AIM-7F and newer version by HPRF mode without the need of CW illuminator.

AN/APG-68(V)7 radar wasn’t capable of firing Sparrows due to lack of CW illuminator but could fire AIM-7 ?

I didn’t know about this

Yes but only with late sparrow models such as AIM-7F/M/P

So I hope gajin not change F-16C model & not change Block

I never worry gajin access AIM-7M on F-16C Block 50 this quarter until consider AIM-120B AMRAAM replace AIM-7M Q4 this year

Just watch Gaijin introduce AIM-7P by ctrlc + ctrlv AIM-7F data

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