F-16A ADF in US tree is now optional, why?

Do gotta love that the ADF is now optional, requiring you to get the normal F-16A in order to get the C. Should honestly be the other way around since you have to get the ADF regardless right now. Or at the very least make it so if you have the ADF, you can go straight to the C.


the ADF is a modified version of a later model of an F-16A. the F-16A Block 10 is the first production model of the fighter. it’s just timeline progression instead of “we’re gonna force you to get this air superiority version before the CAS version”


If they kept F-16As unfoldered you’d have to research the Block 10 anyways. Idk what are you trying to pull here

not sure where I said they should keep them unfoldered, so if you find where, let me know. What I did say, was having the ADF should allow you to skip to the C and not have to worry about the normal A model.

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Why would it allow you to skip to the C model when it’s a sub-version of the A? It’s pretty logical for Block 50 to be after Block 10 considering their true multirole capabilities.

I think you’re reading a little too much into what I’m saying, so I’ll reword. if you don’t already have the ADF, then obviously you should have to get the normal A. but if you have the ADF already, you should be able to skip to the C as you already have the previous aircraft.