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i know the F-15A never had Aim-7P but it would at least be nice to see tbh, if they wanna give SARH to the 16c at least give it the good SARH missiles


aight then lets run it

F-5C - has flares (shouldn’t)
F-4F - has AIM-9Js (shouldn’t)
F-14A - Missing AIM-9Ls (did use them but never got them in game)

these three are just off the more memorable ones off the top of my head but you can find many more just by a quick search on the forums. Either way, devs throw around inane and hypocritical reasons for adding one thing or removing another. There’s been no consistency and requires very little thought to understand the reasoning besides 1; money, or 2; favoring one side/bias/propaganda (whatever the term the community has been calling it now).

Balance has been out the window for a while ever since the post phantom vs fishbed period once the introduction of better BVR came with the introduction of more capable BVR with the AIM-7-E2 and F-14A’s/F-4EJ Kai’s radar strengths.

With it swinging from BVR with the introduction of capable radars paired with adequate missiles when the E-2 sparrows came out, to performance dominant aircraft with the Mig-23s, back to missile bussing with the F-14, and striking the best equilibrium with the F-16 vs Mig-29 in Apex predators where one side had better FM while the other side had better missiles so it was about who was able to leverage their strengths more.

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F-14B is also missing 9M, the aim54C model is inaccurate, 16c has the wrong radar for its block (i think, pretty sure the 50 has V9 and not 7) ejkai has AAM3 irl, there’s more i can’t remember

they change what country dominates each update so people go “ooooh that countries good buy premium for it” then next update “ooooh now that’s good buy premium

the game is a lot more money based but they are starting to give into the community now since the review bombs earlier this year

also, the meta honestly feels more to soviets in more areas like ground where the sep2 doesn’t have its main round and armour is incorrect and the ridiculous su27, but ingame meta is toward USA, it swaps each update but the soviets just get either bad airframes good missiles or good airframes good missiles.

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2024 gonna be Russian years, yea.

USA have nothing, sepv2 is just another sepv1 but you have to face new leopard and t90 now.
F15 is just trash and we losing goody tank like the hstvl, he’s like totally useless now and can’t penetrate T90 rofl, BVM was hell but now it’s like impossible to deal with

Thx Gaijin for ruining USA for Christmas lmao

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in this instance. the flight performance and missiles are in the 27s favor where as the F15 gets poor FM and the same under performing aim7ms

baz was modified to carry ( The story of how Israeli Air Force turned its F-15 Air-to-air Fighters into bombers to destroy PLO’s HQ complex in Tunis - The Aviation Geek Club )

the 15J was used as a demonstration and then a testbed (hence why everything on pylons is blue) and the first few 15’s used them in training (never really used them outside of it) then they made the eagle for bombs instead. they were originally used with comparability in mind and were available for “certain needs or uses in multirole compatible situations”, yes it was available, but never fully taken into service since it was just an option on the shelf

f15 fm is fine right now its just the armament and radar that needs fixing

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ill disagree with you on that honestly both the f15 and the su27s FMs are lacking and need to be buffed


definitely needs polishing but it seems to be hitting most of the numbers right now

Mig-23 dude explained pretty good where are thrust numbers coming from in f-15j thread.
But I couldn’t find anything about how such drastic efficiency difference achieved solely by su-27 engines and I find it hard to believe. Especially knowing how made up russian achievements can be since I live there.
Do you have have anything in mod team that can explain my confusion by any chance? What feature let su-27 achieve such efficiency?

Static: 26,950 lb-f
Installed (in-game): 22,553.289 lb-f
Difference: ~16.3%

Static: 23,840 lb-f
Installed (in-game): 18,761.34 lb-f
Difference: ~21%

Static: 23,770 lb-f
Installed (in-game): 19,841.6 lb-f
Difference: ~16.5%

Static: 13,000 kgf
Installed (in-game): 10,320 kgf
Difference: ~20.6%

Static: 8,300 kgf
Installed (in-game): 6,820 kgf
Difference: ~17.8%

Static: 12,500 kgf
Installed (in-game): 12,130 kgf
Difference: ~2.9%

I got an answer I think good enough(at least for me)
“With the Su-27 the airflow is almost unhindered, but with the F-15 you can clearly see that the duct is a bit narrower and also has a curve. Su-27 also have slightly bigger intake"


Do you know if Su-27 engine thrust is installed thrust or not?
You have to confirm this before making any conclusions.

@Metrallaroja If I am wrong then show real, used by devs thrust and channel loss for it? What’s the problem?

First you are the one making the claim, you should provide the source.
Second I dont have such sources.

As I previously said it was from f-15j thread, original comment have the sources
If you don’t, maybe you know who I can ask then, please?

Do the F15A,BAZ,F15J have used HMD?If the game can add HMD to these three aircraft,then it can make up for the lack of strength,because the SU27 gets HMD and gets large number of missiles,while the three F15 haven’t HMD,and the missile is scarce.But they have the same rank.

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Later variants will get it. For f-15j it came alongside IRST, AAM-4B and AAM-5 compatibility upgrades.

Shouldn’t f-15 be able to fly without a wing instead of roll and stall?

I think it is a well known story of it landing without a wing irl, if it is true it must be able to do so in the game, right? We have ka-50\52 in the game without a proof it actually can fly without that much of a tail so I don’t think it is a problem


curious, however false

Su-27 is made with Soviet math, the best in the world you should know. 2.9% loss was enough for the head designer and everyone within 3 relations to go to the gulag. An intolerable failure, god help the designer of the N001…


Oh I got an answer btw from someone in discord, forgot to edit.
“With the Su-27 the airflow is almost unhindered, but with the F-15 you can clearly see that the duct is a bit narrower and also has a curve.” + I did a bit deeper intake comparisons which resulted in su-27 have slightly bigger intake. + a bit more
All that sounds realistic enough for me to stop and don’t go deeper.

Curious as the F-14 has the straightest intakes of any top jet and still suffers a 16% penalty.

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