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Is not classified, but it is SAC manual so as DracoMindC said in the other F-15 thread it uses uninstalled thrust


Whats the IAS limits for sea level and the next 2km above it? i noticed level flight reaching 1250 kmph was pretty quick but drops off severely from 1220 to barely a crawl after 1250.

What’s up with the F-15’s exhaust nozzles? They’re completely different from the real model. Am I missing something here (later variant maybe)?

Nonetheless very happy to see it in game of course. Favorite plane of my childhood years.

The models in game currently have the turkey feathers still attached. USAF ended up removing them due to maintenance reasons.


True, from the datamine the only time the Su-27’s radar doesn’t have enough range is if the Su-27 just left the airfield and the person they’re trying to lock left the opposite airfield

Can anyone calculate channel loss for jet engines? I am not sure I got it right but if so it will be really sad.
“The remaining sources indicate the static thrust of the engine without taking into account channel loss”
I tried to calculate that loss to confirm or disprove what mod said and it seems that ratio is completely random.
I will do example on afterburner thrusts to make it more compact

F-16aj in game have:

  • 9000 kgf afterburner thrust

From what I found “static” as mods say it thrust is 23,770 lbf which is converted in

  • 10781.8 kgf

If I am not completely retarded and got math right we get 0.8348 ratio of air intake efficiency

F-15j have in game:

  • 8510 kgf

And static is 23,930 lbf which is converted into

  • 10854 kgf

F-15 have ratio of 0.7840 which I think is weird because f-15 have bigger air intakes

While su-27 stock have ratio of 0.92

Can anyone please say I am just getting crazy and gaijin is not doing shenanigans behind the scene and prove it please?


For some reason, it looks like the Su-27, F-15A, and F-16AJ have the exact same base thrust value in game, but at altitude the Su-27 gets a max thrust value of 25000 compared to only 18000 in the F-15A and F-16AJ.

When afterburning the Su-27 also gets more thrust with a thrust multiplier of 1.15 and the F-15A and F-16AJ only a 1.1 multiplier.

The Su-27 also somehow has a more efficient engine while generating more thrust both generally and while afterburning, with a rate of fuel consumption of 0.88 both when on full throttle and afterburning (and the F-15A and F-16AJ have to deal with an increase from 0.74 to 1.06 when going from full throttle to afterburning).

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Last time, fuel consumptions where wrong on the f-16c because WTRTI was pulling data from wrong FM, so if you are using it, better wait for live update

is the f15 limited to mach 2.3 irl? in the devblog it says 2.3 instead of 2.5, which iirc is its top speed at high alt.

No need to calculate: https://web.archive.org/web/20221007030544/http://www.alternatewars.com/SAC/F-16A_Block_15_Falcon_SAC_-_March_1984.pdf


Wow thanks will read when have time

Can you post for su-27 and f-15 too please?

Wait a minute, this document is about different engine and none of the numbers match.
F-16 in WT have F100-PW-220, not F100-PW-200.

Am I missing something?

Not at first. They had an adf but before the C the block 10s wore the best and yes the US got the block 10 with the A but no bvr capabilities. So the mlu and AJ wore the best f16s as the AJ fired aim7fs not the garbage Ms and the mlu got tws. So other countries got the better f16 starting off untill we got the f16C. But in a rate fight an A/block10 is still going to beat you

There is only one C in the game and thats the F15J

The isreal and US f15s are A misp models so a step between A and C

It may be a skill issue but I constantly lose lock with F-15 radar, in any mode. When I have an enemy high in front of the clear sky, closing, I’m trying to lock it with radar with any, PD, PD HDN, or SCR modes, the lock disappears and AIM-7 is wasted.
Haven’t for a single AIM-7 kill during the whole time played.


“It was orginally planned that almost all F-15A, B, C, and D versions were to go through the MSIP program. The A/B models that went through the MSIP were not to be fitted with the conformal fuel tanks of the C, but they were to be otherwise indistinguishable from the C.”

From F-15 Multi-Stage Improvement Program

Cos currently we have the F-15A MSIP II Program due to the flare buckets underneath (240CM) and another thing to say is that the F-15A MSIP II has the MFD and Upgraded radar.

Also regarding its radar:
“The major part of MSIP II involved the development an upgraded AN/APG-63 radar, which is so much improved that is given the new designation of AN/APG-70. In this unit, the radar data processor memory was increased from 16K to 24K, and its processing speed was increased by a factor of three. The memory capability of the APG-63 radar fire control system was increased from 96K to 1000K and the processing speed was trebled. A Programmable Armament Control Set (PACS) was installed. The new unit has multiple bandwidths for high-resolution ground mapping using SAR technology. Several new radar modes were added, such as track-while-scan, which made it possible to ripple-fire up to four BVR missiles at separate targets simultaneously. The APG-70 radar also had a Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) capability, which makes it possible for it to detect and direct attacks on enemy aircraft without its emissions being easily seen by the enemy. The new processing power made available with the use of the new APG-70 radar made it practical to make use of Non-Cooperative Target Recognition (NCTR) technology, which provides the ability to distinguish more reliably between friendly and hostile aircraft.”


with this logic there’s so many things that could’ve been put into game but gaijin decided not to, they use things that are in service not things that are available

which is what the devs have done quite selectively, quite frequently

it’s only selective when they can’t add a vehicle to its potential so they just ruin it by instead of adding numerous F-15s or the F-15s suited for the meta they just bash it into one which honestly annoys me