F-15 Discussion

I have not heard the same from most people, like literally no one. There is literally zero way the F-15 can be better at BVR with the 6 R27-ER’s (the best BVR missile for a long time now) the Su-27 has.

Then explain the screenshot.
That’s AIM-7 vs 27-ER.

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Not talking missiles. Talking about radar sets.

I don’t see a R27-ER in the screenshot, seems like the Su-27 already got its free 6 R27-ER kills and didn’t have anything to shoot back

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Cause it couldn’t reach me in time.
That was a controlled test.
Lock & launch when first able.
I know, Su-27’s trash radar is modeled accurately in War Thunder. The horror.

27ERs are not active radar homing missiles, they rely on the aircraft’s radar to function.

A single example of beating an opponent in BVR and you claim its better? lol

It’s over 6 attempts. F-15’s radar consistently finds & locks MANY km longer than Su-27’s.

“Couldn’t reach me in time.” The 5.8 Mach R27-ER couldn’t reach you before the 4.0 Mach Aim-7M? What? That’s not how speed works. Edit: nvm I see you’re talking about radar give me a sec to pull up the radar statistics


Dude, you don’t get it.
The Su-27’s radar can’t see me in time to lock & launch before the AIM-7 is within fatality range.

I’ll come back to this tomorrow, I can’t find online pictures of the dev server stuff so I will need to download the dev server, I’ll come back because I don’t believe that the F-15A actually has a better radar than the Su-27

Its radar in game is still under-powered compared to irl. And yes, the F-15 has a much better radar than the Su-27 both irl and in game.

It is possible he is detecting first, the issue is that in tests like this you remove the randomness that ARB provides. More than that at any considerable range the ER and M will arrive at the same time even if fired 5+ sec apart.

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Still this doesn’t seem to be very balanced seeing how the F-15 only gets 4 missiles and the Su-27 gets 6, even if they do arrive at the same time

Ok so I ended up just going to the datamine and found that the Su-27’s radar is only worse in terms of range, which has a range of 35k-50k mprf and 80k-100k hprf compared to the F-15A’s 50k-80k mprf and 75k-120k hprf, but for most maps and gameplay this difference does not mean much. The angle of half sensitivity is greater, the sensitivity of the side lobes is less, and the power of the radar is greater on the Su-27’s radar (with all three of these things having positive performance effects from what I know). The only other thing that the F-15A has that the Su-27 seems to not is pulse[-doplar, I assume].

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I am not so sure about that, lock is broken and sometimes breaks a lot even if target going in a perfect path toward you

I’ve had lock issues on everything, and have chocked that up to server issues because it doesn’t happen in test drive.
I haven’t tested the custom rooms tho.

how? Range? It is irrelevant in terms of current maps. Everything else is about the same

In the USAF the C-model as it is right now could not perform any air-to-ground missions. Could it carry them? I’m sure it could. Could it put them to use? Currently, no. There’d be a lot of mission related upgrades that would have to enable it to carry and take out strike missions - USAF personnel (anonymous)

it was made with comparability in mind yes but the pilots and the air force never intended to use them. only for training missions until the E was made.

so in other words, it can and did equip them in training. just not used for missions. so it can be implemented.

You are not the person to tell me what the C-models have/have not done or can/ can not do. Unless your name is currently on side of one, or has been in the past your word is worth peanuts to me.

The F-15s have always been compatible with dumb and self guided A2G ordinance, that’s all that is needed for it to be available in game, the same as how say the Barak II never flew with AIM-7s but for the sake of balance it can use them in game.

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