F-14 Tomcat: History, Performance & Discussion

Not an “if”, the deal was penned and all that was left was for the delivery and payment. IIRC a US politician leaked the canadians involvement in the evac of US diplomats to the Iranians which killed the deal.

The RIO being callsign “Patate” made me chuckle


Honestly, when they implemented the USAF/US Navy modern pilot model, they should have made the helmets customizable like userskins.

If it was implemented in the game, Maverick & Goose’s custom pilot helmet speedrun would start on WT.live lmao


Imagine the speedrun for people recreating all the helmets from the Area 88 OVAs and TV series lol

I’m honestly more surprised that we don’t have an F-14 marketplace skin in general specifically from the Top Gun film(s) or even a Jolly Rogers skin at this point after 2 years.

The Buy/Sell orders and GJN prices would and still be off the charts lol.


Ikr. The F-14 is arguably the aircraft that is the most associated with the VF-103 thanks to The Final Countdown and yet the goddamn F-16A got one before the tomcat!

And it’s considered a “historical” skin on top of that. Unbelievable. Are they waiting for the F-14D just to sell it do 1 gazillion GJN ??? I don’t get it.


Im still waiting Su-22 killer camouflage as marketplace or GE camouflage :/

I don’t know if you know this but the GR.7 could have 6 mavs.

Seems Gaijin finally fixed weird bug on TWS mode

  • A bug with the disabled “Constant elevation of radar antenna” setting that caused the required antenna elevation angle to change when the aircraft’s nose was raised/lowered beyond the radar gimbal limits has been fixed. Now, if the player did not move the antenna in elevation themselves, as soon as the aircraft’s orientation allows it, the antenna will return to its previous required position relative to the horizon. (Report ).
  • Target markers in TWS mode or in the single target track mode are no longer restricted by radar antenna gimbal limits (in the memory tracking mode) so missiles with a datalink will receive mid-course updates for correct extrapolated target position even if it is outside of these limits. At the same time, illuminating a target outside the antenna gimbal limits is still impossible at medium to long ranges greater than 5 km.

Anybody tried it in battle yet? I think we already had a similar fix that didn’t quite work