F-14 PL into the ground when launching phoenix

Currently on the DEV server when launching an AIM-54 (C model) would send the launch aircraft into a uncontrollable spin for the duration of the missile flight similar to when there is high ping or packet loss.
I’ve noticed the the behaviour of the AIM-54C when tracking is now much smoother and more responsive to maneuvering players, also the launch gimbal increased. Could this be what’s causing the issue due to how the missile is now interacting with the player’s radar?


The question is, why play the F14 in the devserveur? xD

maybe because I don’t have the F-15 researched yet

Oops indeed, if you want a suggestion, forget phoenix and go for bombing base, you gonna take a lot more xp in the dev serveur

I mean rippling out 6 phoenixes is easy 6 AI kills presuming if you don’t get teleported to the shadow realm

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