Extreme flood of bots

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The game is poorly managed by the developer and it is not getting any better! the problems are only compounding after every update! little to nothing important gets fixed! keep working on the trees tho sooooo very important!

I believe reporting made somewhat of a difference back before. However, I feel like they did a “fix all” by removing the auto firing feature with main caliber weapons. I feel like bots have adapted since then though.

Between the mix of A.I bots and player bots, there are not too many actual active players in battle. Usually about 1/3 of the team? I feel like the A.I AA is not as bad as before vs blue water ships, but I feel like AA in coastal ships in insanely accurate.
Then with the main guns, I find A.I/bot accuracy is on point, even if I’m evading in a coastal boat. The small coastal A.I boats are pretty inaccurate with their main guns at least.

I can only suggest getting used to fighting bots. Disabling guns and the bridge so they can’t evade, and then farm away. Otherwise bomb them out of AA range.

They are doing all their BR shifts ‘according to statistics’, they do have people able to query database and pull meaningful data.
Finding under performing bots with thousands of naval battles with Moffets playing 24/7 is a child’s play.

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And yet they have never done it. So there has to be a reason why.

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Maybe this? :)

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For what? Like, you shouldn’t be advocating people to report things they aren’t seeing, but even using google translate on those descriptions, there’s nothing questionable on it.

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“Oh my god help me, you are holding a ladder and are right there in front of me! My apartment is on fire!”

“Well I’d love to, but according to my own rules I made up for myself, I can only help if I first handcuff all my limbs together, slather the ladder in vaseline, and recite the alphabet backward while doing so without making any mistakes. As you might imagine, under those conditions, it’s almost impossible to save you”

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The statistics thing is totally off topic. They’ve been doing that for years / ever since they had BR as far as I know. It’s not like there’s some team of people from 2013 who used to work on BRs manually who have just been playing pinball machines on full payroll in the basement for a decade and now can help out with whatever you need, lol.

Very much isn’t… It’s been directly mentioned about the moffets getting piss all kills, and being spammed like they are, by idle players.

I played WT Naval RB before the bots started two years ago this month. It was fine. Sometimes queues were a little long, but it wasn’t unmanageable. I’d take those days over the PvE monstrosity it is now any day. AB queueing is bot free, still fine.


Yes their rules for account bans are stupid and don’t help them with bots. But those are the real constraints that govern this all the same.

I put stats on how they compare with the industry standard in terms of account bans here. No surprise, they’re almost comically low. Fair Play July 2023 - #201 by Bruce_R1

My suggestion for what they could do is here, since I think it should be clear after two years they’re not going to suddenly start doing what any of us would really want them to do about this: Fair Play July 2023 - #150 by Bruce_R1


They’ve been understaffed since the day the game launched, how is that an excuse if they just refuse to hire people to solve an issue.

Not an excuse, just a fact. And the reason why it’s not likely not going to get any better.

“some” would be found in one battle

WT neeďs a name and shame section to the forum were players can post replays and we all vote on them so that really bad get put forward for assessment by game masters to get band or what ever

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We’re actually supposed to be able to approach certain GMs and CMs to actually pass this sort of thing forth…

From the reporting of replays in the server replay function just being for ‘singular’ things, to the GMs and CMs for more detailed and problematic things…

I’m waiting for feedback regarding the bot farm I found a few days back due to someone egging me on almost about the situation…

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