Exploring Convertible RP in War Thunder (+Booster ideas)

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Okay, hang on… You took someone elses ideas and words, copy and pasted them into chat-gpt, then posted them here?? Nice! 😂

Certified, you can copy my homework, but don’t make it obvious moment 🤣


I clearly named the original creator to be fair and provided the Video also. Maybe I will ask Chat-GPT to flesh it out more.

Yeah, I saw that. I was just laughing because I’ve never actually seen someone do something like this. Just thought it was kinda funny is all

I mean, it looks fine rn ig. If you want you can have Gpt change it, but it looks pretty good rn

Also, just to once again clarify, I have never seen someone do something like this, just thought it was funny to see someone post the transcript of a video on the forums is all.

Oh and that last part was just my first thoughts when I saw what you had said about using that videos transcript and changing it with Gpt


Yes, I am on a first name basis with Chat-Gpt and will not be calling it by they’re full name 😂


People just need to fuck off with the AI. If you want to post something, do it yourself. Otherwise it is just slop, especially when you’re taking from others. Glorified predictive text.

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Bro you need to calm down a little. You can’t just go around telling people to F**k off all the time. Your going to get banned from the forums


Oh no, calling people out for slop that really should have been either done by their own hand or not at all instead of running it through a glorified theft machine is going to get me banned. Whatever shall I do.

This individual used a blighted program to scrape work from someone. Not sure they deserve courtesy, even if they cite it. Not a fan of the creator, but generally it is good practice to request permission instead of scraping it.

Also, community guidelines tend to point towards posting your own rubbish, instead of scraping it from others. But hey, I’m sure this is not remotely in breach of that.

Oh no, the dewul in zhe macheen!



Aside from the facts it’s just copied from someone else’s work, war thunder could use a system where 25k convertible RP, well, converts to usable RP once a week. I’ve talked about this or a while, everyone says that “too giving” of Gaijin and not to expect it to be a well mechanic, or be abused more than it already is.

Edit: Forgot to mention it’s lvl based, so the higher the level or lower the level, the more Conv RP or less Conv RP.