[Event] Pages of History (December): The Heroic Nurse

What of France? DeGaulle, Leclerc, or even Estienne?

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It’s a bit late now, but I thought about another pilot who I was reminded about by a recent video, Heinz Schnaufer the Bf-110G-4 Nachtjagdgeschwader. pilot, a part of Nachtjagdgeschwader 1, having taken down 9 British Lancaster bombers in a single day, or night, if you would. Possibly one of the best German pilots most haven’t heard of with three very prestigious awards. I believe even though these men and some women fought for the “wrong side” of what they thought was right, they still deserve a light shown on them due to their extreme talent in battle. His aircraft is still on display with the tallies of kills on his tail and 42 victories. The tail would be below if it wasn’t offensive, although I believe when presented in a historical light, not a “racist” or “hate-crime” way.