Eurofighter Typhoon (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

Can someone explain the ECM system on the Typhoon and how it compares to the Rafale? ECM is my weak spot.

Bol rails are removable. Basically anything that fits on a CRL or LAU-7 can also have a BOL-rail in between.

At least as far as I’ve seen the Rafale"s offensive ECM suite is a little better than the eurofighters (ASEA radars make a better platform for jamming etc), but defensively the eurofighters are better (Eurofighters have towed decoys where the Rafale does not for example)

Yes i know that though the articel linked just talks about the BOL 510 dispenser system not BOL rails.
wich would be this


Wich is integrated in thelast EF pylon on each side

I know the Rafale is capable of ELINT with sub 1° accuracy lateral wise and around 1° heigh wise.
Do you have any info regarding ELINT capabilty for the Eurofigther?

Also the SPECTRA on the rafale is capable of defensive jaming to send false signal to ennely radar (be it a figther or a FOX3).
Any defensive jamming suite on the Eurofigther?

It’s also true that the RAFALE indeed lack a towed decoy on the french version. The Indian rafale are equipped with a rafael towed decoy iirc.
But modern missile know how to differentiate decoy (same as chaff ect).
It’s a plus for sure but it doesn’t make the aircraft invulnarable (and you only have a couple of them per aircraft).

EuroDASS also has sub 1° accuracy in azimuth, but its somewhat unknown how the capabilities are for elevation as it doesnt have any apparent antenna in the tailfin.

For jamming there are three AESA jammers, two facing forward and one facing aft

The towed decoys arent decoys in the traditional sense, but jammers away from the aircraft to counter home-on-jam

My question would more be if they EFTs electronics could handle the additional rails. More flares/chaff is never bad

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To be honest, in the EW system, I would like to raise the hand of Rafale’s SPECTRA.
It’s not much publicity at EF. However, Rafale’s SPECTRA is an important selling point.

electronics most likely can. its a standardised bus system. the software wont display it though