Eurofighter Typhoon (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

It’s range for 1PN-96MT
For Catherine-FC it’s 11/4,5 km

You’re right, I looked at the wrong side. Here is the ranges for Catherine-FC directly from Thales.
~2.25km for identification of tank in NFOV (zoomed in), with 1.5x teleconverter such as SOSNA-U type sight extends to ~3.5km.

What it is talking about in the other document is raw detection
(you see something, know it’s there, but you only know it might be a tank at that range from guessing since it’s a big white blob).
RAF Eurofighter pictures.
You cannot tell me, without being dishonest, that this is the single best looking aircraft in existence


I do agree. I always love seeing the Typhoon at air shows. Nothing quite compares


P.S If we don’t get a “Blackjack” skin for ALL British Typhoons, then it will be considered an act of war Gaijin, you have been warned :P


the livery situation is going to be tough for gaijin
there’s just so many. not just for the UK but especially for Germany and probably Italy as well


With it likely being one of the “last” (one right at the bottom of the tree) jets added to the game for those nations. I cant see any harm it giving it loads

Is there photos showing the maximum deflection of the movable canards for Eurofighters or even sources stating how far itll go?

60 degrees down; 20 degrees up

Which end up being up/down?

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Canard’s Front edge

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at supersonic speeds the foreplanes are only used for trimming.
they go further down than up because at subsonic speeds the aircraft is so unstable that a lot of “down force” is required to keep the aircraft from flipping.

they’re also used for providing extra drag while landing(so called “Lift Dump”). This can be turned on or off by the pilot with a switch on the rear part of the left hand console. the standard position is “LIFT” aka no extra drag

they also never really go up while pitching up.

Yes, an easier way to put it…

They are level when the aircraft requires lift from them, they angle down when the stability margin reaches neutral and negative where downward force is required to keep nose from flipping up / causing pitch departure. They never really angle up unless drag is needed, because for pitching the canards can provide lift similar to the elevons on the F-16.
Very good post btw

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copied from the Ger EF thread

Dont know if u guys did see this already

its from a presentation for norway and put up on the web by an norwegian MOD

This is quite an interesting close up look

Not a huge amount of detail, but nonetheless a good video

can you add the “Eurofighter” tag to this post so it can be found together with my GAF one?

I’m gonna put this out there - the RAF museum has a document published with the timeline for testing on it. Might be able to glean useful secondary sources from it

Well I mean given the news

I think it’s safe to say if we don’t have an upgrade to Phantoms, Tornado, or a new aircraft such as the DA.2, the future of the British Tree is in a whole lot of doubt.

no point in adding this if it doesnt have weapons, radar, etc

unless gaijin does a Yak-141 i guess lol

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that being said the block 50 seems to be close to the typhoon, so we might get a typhoon sooner then we might think, with reduced capabilites