Eurofighter Typhoon (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

I think it overestimates the N001 capabilities as well lol

no, it matches N001 figures in 27s manual.

That 20m^2 figure comes from an SU27 using a full missile loadout if I remember correctly.

Pretty sure the Viggen received PD radar in the same update?

The Harrier GR.7 has never been the best jet in air RB. It’s not even the best CAS in the game, despite having the highest BR of any strike aircraft.

Because the Russian manuals never vastly overestimate their real capabilities, do they?

To be frank 120km @10m^2 is a pretty mediocre capability, why lie about that?

ECR-90A achieves 135Km as that was known to have major issues.

Its not ‘mediocre’. The range is comparable to the apg 65 though the figure given is at 50% Pd(same as captor M) compared to the 85% on US. But performance is worse, ex. TRACKING, Filtering, ECCM, Signal Processing. The n001 is just a sized up n019 that uses several same components.

Ussr(very very close Fr and Uk) was second after USA in terms of radar imo.

given the time period, thats pretty mediocre performance tbh. apg-65 isnt exactly the shining star of radar design.

sounds kinda too high ngl

but tbf the document is rather old so it might have changed with different RAM coatings or whatever(construction might have been a factor)

what sounds too high?

That n001 variant was PUT in IOC in 1986-87. And as you know, development was before. Captor M is a 90s radar, when Ussr dissolved

The thing about the 65 is the adaptability and processing. Better resolution. But not range compared to the 63. Not everything is range. Doesn’t matter if you can detect a plane at 9x the range but you can’t hold a track in lookdown, you suffer from alot of clutter, suffer greatly from sidelobes, poor signal pricessing, take 30% range loss for a track and even more when lookdown or bad ECM.

This isnt Captor M, Captor M is a mid 2000’s upgrade to the Captor C/ECR-90C.
This is ECR-90A, an initial development standard.

You can also see range performance crashes when looking down for the Slotback. Again not paricularly great performance.

the rcs

1.5m^2 is too high?

Mig has radar cross section of hummingbird, komrad.

He is referring to EFT, so that doesnt really work.

Yes, again terrible. Especially when its at low altitudes like the mig 29.
But again, its a radar that IOC in the mid 80s compared to what uk had at the time. Phantoms(american) or ADVs

yes but as i said, it might be because that document is rather old and might have not taken into account the materials of the airframe…

Possible; but 1.5 is a pretty small RCS for the time anyway so it could be accurate.

Sorry. NOO1 can detect bee at 1000 miles komrad.