Eurofighter Typhoon DA.2: Birth of a Modern British Legend

Probably BOL as an option too

Ground payload for the Typhoons I think would be quite limited until later versions. I think it would only be BL755 CBUs. So Iā€™m guessing something like 540s or 1000lb bombs as placeholder. Britain would still rely on CAS jets like the Tornado Gr4 and Harrier Gr9A at top tier

Im fairly sure that the DA.2 would be a purely A2A fighter as i never saw any reliable sources with it carrying any ordinance, the DA.4 on the other hand did carry the paveways i think

Just going by the Britain Typhoon thread,.has BL755 listed and usually those threads have half decent sources.

Though would make sense just for testing for it to have some light A2G. But yeah 99% A2A

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There are photos DA2 fitted with lots of weapons (including stuff production Eurofighters never got). Whether they are integrated is another matter:


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I know for a fact that the Brimstones were purely for display as they were only really mounted for the (paris, i think) airshow that the bottom two pics are from. I would also assume the Meteor would be a bit of a stretch as that would put it way higher than even the production Eurofighters.

Paveway is a possibly however, if I still had access to edit I would have added it :(

Planned armament or something so they can pick and choose but some capability would be useful even if basic A2G weaponry to give it some limited use.