Discrepancy in stock grind and weapons on R-73-armed planes and AIM-9M-armed ones, why?


If they consolidate missile mods so its the same number of mods ok but right now f-15’s and other jets need to grind less mods to get to their top missiles so i do not agree with you

The RP amount is the same, so it’s the same grind; except SU-27SM gets one more mod for the same amount of RP. If you think about it, it’s better.

Not to mention F-15C’s grind is just to unlock access to its top missile, while SU-27SM gets it right away from stock and its grind is just to get more units.

The Fox-3 grind is a different matter, though. Now it’s worse on SU-27SM; although at least it gets R-27ER right before.

In any case, they did nothing to make the situation better… only worse.


and its still faster to get all the missiles mod than in su if they consolidate ok but otherwise hell no

Oh, you know. Classic Gaijin.

Russia has to maintain advantage somehow.


APFSDS/HEATFS all over again

thats ur fault bud

Ah, yes

I ask for improvement for (X) nation/s to be on par with (Y) nation

Gaijin screws (Y) nation instead

And its MY fault for asking them to improve (X) nations and not Gaijin’s for screwing (Y) nation when literally no one asked for that


I don’t get why we can’t have yf23 if Russia got the yak lol

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A closer counterpart would be the XFV-12A


I concur!

Would absolutely love to see this plane, its such a neat design.

how did you get 8k increase?

what im looking at is more like +50k for r73 and +30k for r77 compared to old thing

overall vs AIM120

russia hasnt been meta since like mld

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It looks like a more modern xp55 with canard’s lol
Would be dope to see

Especially when i’m on my mig29 9-12 couldn’t be scared by anything

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It is a cool design but also a pretty terrible one - a VTOL jet with a TWR of 0.75 (yes that went a out as well as you’d imagine).

Has a 1.5 TWR when flying like a normal aircraft and a mach 2 ceiling so that seems pretty capable. Same case too the armed variant like in the shown stores page is not the same as the XFV-12A that was tested.

the graphic is relevant to 141-023q, not xfv-12a