Discrepancy in stock grind and weapons on R-73-armed planes and AIM-9M-armed ones, why?

F-15C, just like many other jets, should get stock AIM-9M the same way SU-27, SU-27SM and MiG-29SMT get stock R-73; and the RP grind for AIM-120A and R-77 should be equal and not have a 24,000 RP difference.

EDIT: My post goes for any end of the line 12.7/13.0 fighter that, regardless of the nation, still has AIM-9L as stock: AIM-9L is just not fit for 13.0, the same way R-60M isn’t. So, just like R-73-armed planes get it stock not to start with R-60M, same should go for AIM-9M planes.

There’s no reason for AIM-9L to still lurk around 13.0.

For clarification: I never, NEVER suggested or asked that Russia should not get R-73 stock. I merely and only ask for at least the best American plane to get stock AIM-9M the same way all Russian top planes get stock R-73. I am not asking to nerf Russia in any way; just not to put U.S a disadvantageous stock position for once.

My post and my point should be no concern or matter to worry about for Russian players. I repeat: I am NOT trying to remove R-73 or make SU-27SM’s grind worse. Only trying F-15C’s stock grind NOT to be worse than SU-27SM’s.


Haven’t they done this for the last, like, 3 dev servers?


Not just dev, but live too:

MiG-29SMT, SU-27 and SU-27SM get stock R-73, meanwhile F-16C, F-15A and F-15C get stock AIM-9L with a tremendous grind to AIM-9M.


Stock 9Ls are fine, it should just be 4 instead of 2.
13.0+ ARH carriers should also get stock SARH as well IMO


Yep, it should be either 2 of the good IR stock, or all of the not as good IR stock.

So 2x R73 or all 4 9L, not 2x R73 and 2x AIM-9L


It’s always bugged me in general that stock AIM-9s are typically single-mounted on double pylons, it just looks wrong


Not just an US tree thing, gripens and everything else also start with aim9-L or eq. 57200 for aim9m and 110k for aim120


Then my post goes for those too: AIM-9L is just not fit for 13.0, the same way R-60M isn’t.


Lets not forget too that the F-15C is capped at a maximum of 4 AIM-120s as well for no reason, while the SU-27SM and J-11A can hold 6 missiles, with two of the 6 flat out clipping into the airframe because they never could hold 6 base R-77s, only the R-77 variants without the grid fins.


Currently the 15C is flat out inferior to it’s Russian and Chinese counterparts not only in grind but also general loadout.


Barely a change, and R-73s aren’t as powerful as you claim.
9Ls are closer to R-73s than R-60Ms are to 9Ls.

It’s a bug that’s already reported.
Currently F-15C has similar capabilities, there’s nothing inferior about it.


I believe the reason for this is because there aren’t as many modifications to be researched on the F-15C, making the existing ones more expensive to get. The new SU-27SM has 26 modifications while the F-15C only has 20.
The SU-27SM does indeed cost less than the F-15C, which is odd.
(SU-27SM: 314,400 / F-15C : 325,000)


youve posted this on reddit claiming youre asking why this is but then decide to say gaijin is favoring russia?

I didn’t say that was the reason; only that it was the result.

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Tornado F3 AOP and Sea Harrier FA2 with 2x Aim-9Ls at 12.3 and 12.7 respectively is rather brutal.

(Tornado F3 at 11.3 with 2x Aim-9Ls I remember being quite difficult and I had it “easy” doing it in SB)

Especially as you are right…soviet aircraft do not need to start with R-60s stock.

Giving them 2x Aim-9M stock would be an amazing buff (though I do think Tornado F3 AOP should get Skyflash DFs stock)


You’re quite literally wrong it can carry 6x R-77 at least do some research before making claims as dumb as that
in the devblog for the Su-27 the clipping isnt present its probably just a bug


F-15J also should get similar to Su-27 loadout - 2 stock AAM-3 and no 9L\9M


Stop trying to remove features from my Japanese equipment.

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What feature is he supposedly suggesting to remove from F-15J?

AAM-3 is several parallel dimensions ahead of AIM-9L. He is suggesting to remove AIM-9L (inferior missile) in favour of AAM-3 (excellent missile), which would be an tremendous buff, not a nerf like you seem to believe?


Dude’s looking at the improper model of a pylon and screeching “R-77 doesn’t even fit there!!1!11!” without a lick of background checks.


Wrong pylons, check the under the engines on 4/7