Did Israel ever even have F-15As with flares?

Just wondering because I’m almost positive Israel never operated F-15As with flares or AIM-9Ms, only flareless and Python 3s with AIM-7Ms.

Israel never used the AIM-9M. Its only on the Barak II and Baz as a placeholder for now. Israel was one of the first nations outside the USA to get the F-15 but just like the US with the MSIP upgrade. Israel also upgraded their F-15s

The Israeli’s have upgraded their F-15As consistently even to this day. They have put CMs on them, if they weren’t already upgraded before being purchased

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The Israeli Air Force did use AIM-9Ms, though admittedly it seems to have been done exclusively with it’s F-16s and only since the mid 2000’s. They even got a nickname, “Machat”:


They also never operated their F-16s with AIM-7s but for the sake of balance they’re available, if it wasn’t the AIM-9M it would have to be the Python 4 so for the sake of balance the AIM-9M will be just fine