Dev Server Opening with Major Update “Seek & Destroy”! — Dev Server is now closed

a lot of bugs and stuff that need to be worked on

also france coastal cbt or premium preorders should be coming aswell

please fix the Namer. this is not good lol

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Please fix the Ariete War kit

is the mica ir still coming? i know it’s still in the files so wondering if it is since the 120B came

Guys, this is not a wish-list concert :)
If you want to report bug, please check this info:

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Thanks for all the reports!

Is the plan to add MAW and slave CM to MAW on all aircraft that has them att the same time or is it rolling out in waves of several updates?

Plenty of time to rework Multipathing ;)

Can we expect more updates along the line during this extended dev server opening?
Some fixes and other small additions?

Yes, I am now on updating changelog. It will be updated every now and then (depends on dev server updates).


That was very quick
Thanks for the answer!

rb99 for ja37d viggen when?

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Has the root of dev server progress wipes been found? I’d like to take advantage of the extended period, but the issue persists.

Hey, as the Namer got the “Chain balls” at the back of its hull, would the Merkava’s get the same to the back of the turret?

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I’m wondering: since most of the other Mirages got them, are drop tanks planned for the French and Israeli Mirage IIICs, the Nesher, and Kfirs for this update?

I hope we can get this fixed


The Dev server is currently recieving issues when starting battles. Is this an issue or is this because of the dev server shutting down early?

I have the same question

Same issue over here

So update will drop on the 19th then, good to know

Stona_WT The new update has brought new bugs! After the application of the new aviation countermeasure ejection device, countermeasure ammunition cannot be ejected normally!