[DEV]PL-12 missile seeker problem

That probably was only statcard text bug.

this smells like a balance thing in regards to f-15, etc

Well, looks like they just repair it after we found it.
It wasn’t a text bug before.

You can see PL12 cant track the target beyond 1 or 2 km from this video before.I think you can understand it from a few English words though it’s a Chinese video

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Could Gaijin tell us which document they used to inplement these changes in game instead of just waiting players give documents but not showing after confirming it’s non-classfied?

Same opinion. It will be more difficult to find declassified documents of modern vehicles. So these vehicles’ performance will only be decided by Gaijin with preconception. For balance and historicity, they better told us which document they used first.

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By MLU you mean the J-11As that got the cockpit hardware of the J-11B’s correct?


I was under the impression that the base J-11As received far more domestic tweaks than just being a local SK make, largely pertaining to the internal sensor hardware being far more digitized than it’s Russian originator. Reminder as well that the SU-27SM is, both IRL and in game, largely a cockpit and small hardware improvement over the soviet era SU-27s, the vehicle does not really arrive at gen 4 equivalent hardware until the very recent SM2 upgrade kit.

When will you gaijin realize the reality and still dream of your great power? The national economy is not as good as a province in China. What are you doing?

I believe the J11A has got domestic produced systems, and that’s pretty much all I know, but I have no idea about improvements with domestic produced avionic electronics. The fact that there are many production modules for the J11A, so I do not know whether it has better avionics or not. The J11A MLU I don’t thin is quite at J11B standard but might be very similar. It has the ability to fire fox 3 and laser guided AG weapons.