Dassault Rafale - Variants, Characteristics, Armament and Performance

I will however also state that it seems ASRAAM design is much more efficient for longer range. Just weighs less so it doesn’t get as much range, and also doesn’t loft like the MICA EM does.

That is true ASRAAM must be manually lofted using altitude and slaving.

Looking it over, not only does the CAMM weighs more, drag reducing nosecone but it likely features more compressed electronics than ASRAAM since it is a newer design.


Wouldn’t be fair to compare it to ASRAAM at all. It is too different to be compared.

It’s also:
-11kg heavier so more propelant
-20cm longer so again more propelant.

The only thing similar is the diameter and the aerodynamic formula. It’s not very fair to compare them.

The 10miles range value is pretty logical regarding the ASRAAM and the article you linked also talk about the IRL vs official performance so i think they took it into acount.

For refernce:
The Iris-T is 10km
The Python 5 which is heavier is 15km
The ASRAAM with 10miles is 16km
The MICA IR which is heavier is around 18km

Would be logical regarding their claimed max range:
Iris-T is 25km
Python 5 is 40km
ASRAAM is 50km
Mica IR is 60km

It litteraly that the CAMM-ER uses another kind of motor.
The missile is 190mm in diamater compared to the 166mm of the ASRAAM. So it doesn’t share in any ways the same motor as the block 5/6.

Some of that could be explained by the extra length of the radar nosecone.

I might be being blind, but where does that mention the dual missile rail for Typhoon?

nowhere because theres no official information regarding dual rails.

Eurofighter rate of climb is 315m/s —> 62000 feets per minute
Rafale rate of climb is 304.8m/s —> 60000 feets per minute

so reaching 30000 feets in 30seconds from runway, is doable in both.

#myth is debunked!


Rafale M is my favorite variant. I anticipate its addition, hopefully around the same time as F-16 Block 60, Mitsubishi F-2, and Eurofighter.

To be frank an early F-2 could be added already.


Topic and Suggestions updated with new Info on F.4.1 Standard and other small corrections.

and while we wait for the Rafale to finally arrive in game (hopefully the F.4.1 cuz why not XDD), here a neat picture of an Rafale C cockpit with all Displays turned on as well as knee Tablet :D



Sorry to disturb you but can you explain how 14 or even 10 meteors on a plane is fair by any means compared to a MICA EM/IR NG? This thing has 60km of no escape zone, so to say : the average distance you have bewteen aircrafts after taking off from an AF in WT meaning any launch of METEOR will be a guaranteed kill (almost) while MICA NGs only have more efficient seekers and ranges. I’ll add to that that the F4.2 standard that will mount the NGs has very very few probabilities to come to the game before 2026 or more and still max missile loadout of a rafale is 8 missiles in all circumstances. Only way to increase that count is by using total theorical harpoints wiring and activation that has never been done and is esteemed a big no no of an option by many informed people i chated with.

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We don’t even have the current possible Mirage 4000 and it’s 10 confirmed Magic-2’s (14 considering charts)


Time for Mirage4K has already passed.

What we need is 6 MICA loadout for Mirage2K with upcoming Fox-3 uptade.

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For upcoming Fox 3 update yes,…

to finally have more missiles than others, and considering Magic-II late buff, aswell as considering the following Rafale was made with some of RETEX from M4k too

→ i’m totally into adding this aircrafts behind F-8E(FN), before the Rafale M F.1

Sure lets add Mirage4K when the time comes, in not against that.

But our concern should be MICA’s right now, i fear Gaijin might do something.

Mica’s would be Gimped as hell, currently i do not think it would be even close as it should be.

See how they gimped on Mirage 2000-5F already? There is the reason why i feel like even if they add Mica, it will be less messy play a M4k without them.

Just because numbers of missiles would make it up enough →
Having 10 Magic-IIs you can use some on incoming and burning Fox-3’s, before using the remaining on those ennemy aircrafts ^^"

While waiting for another Rafale suggestion to pass approval; Croatia received their first second hand Rafale B F.3R out of the 12 ordered (two Rafale B, ten Rafale C)


Rafale C F.4.1 suggestion approved and linked in the OP

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