CV90's updated, lower ammo is wrong

The second page is a continuation of the first one and there variable ammo capacity is mentioned

Even if that is remotely true i wound venture to say that
1 the ammo count is while carrying 7 soldiers in the back and 2 this just proves the source used for the change is wt is BS as in steelbeasts its total ammo is 138 with 7 soldiers

CV 90 Photo guide Stridsfordon 90 - Swedish Armour Historical Society

The second page shows MG ammunition on the 9040C and elevation changes from A-B.

Can you show me where it mentions ammunition changes?

which is just a single secondary source which would never make it in a bug report
and thats the one i also found i missed the part were stona or any other person at gaijin has pointed that out that this source was used

we shouldn’t be forced to search the entire internet for the source gaijin used for for some stupid change gaijin made

they should state the source and the bug-report in the change notes which they failed to do

edit they actually added the source later still the problem that a single book(a photo book of all things) dosent meat gaijins own standards in the slightest
the same gaijin that always says a photo/photos isnt enough

oh and the Swedish Arms Historical Society is basically a scout group of tank nerds and model builders whats next the
viggen gets spo10 because a summery in the dcs forum says so ???

If we had any other Source to cross reference
With the Viggen example
A source saying Russian rwr was tested on it together with a crash landed mig21 in some other report

But we don’t have anything else on that 120 rounds statement. Not even a mention of less rounds

This is what the Steel Beasts developers say:

Without seeing the book we can’s know for sure. But if it were for example to include an image which clearly shows one of the ammo racks being replaced with additional armour that may be why they deem a single source good enough in this case.

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What do you mean meaningless?!
its the actual manual from the armed forces…
its “variable static ammunition-storage”, meaning one can choose to have either more ammo storage or not (in this case it refers to either an extra crew in the back or extra storage for ammunition which had to be chosen before going on a mission because it has to be uninstalled/installed).

The actual manual? Even if it is, it’s meaningless; unless it actually mentions ammo capacity, it’s a realm of speculation. It’s possible that 120 rounds is the maximum ammo capacity of the variable ammo storage.

We need to know the exact ammo capacity of the CV9040, but sources mention that the body ammo storage has a maximum capacity of 120 rounds. We need to get some data on how much additional capacity the variable ammo storage provides.

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that makes sense, but seeing as it went from the CV9040B to the CV9040C and changed from 238 rounds to 120 wouldn’t it be obvious that the variability is between the original amount and the new lower one?

Problem is the Source used for the Change is flawed and shouldn’t be used and now we need to find a source for Something that might not even exist
Becouse if it is all the Same why would someone write down the exact number for that vehicle in particular

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Not to mention the fact that this single secondary source does meet gaijin own standards hasn’t been addressed at all

To quote Abrams_x
Authored works (secondary source): Reference books on collections of vehicles/aircraft/ships (‘coffee table books’), biographies, specialist books, “expert” opinion publications, industry magazines etc. At least two unrelated sources required.

Here we have only one explain that please

I don’t think you fully understand but the upgrade from the B to C model is so drastic that there suddenly wasn’t space for all the ammo and all the electronic components, while I personally am sad to see the more realistic decrease in ammo it’s accurate, sadly the 40mm bofors does have quite significant space requirements and there just isn’t space for it, but since the IFV doesn’t carry a squad in the back ingame I very much agree that it should be an option to just add an additional ammo rack sitting somewhere the infantry is

Do you have a Source for that or are you just taking gaijin word for it

I don’t know, last I checked that’s primary. Unlike the secondary source posted in this query, that’s a primary source with photographic evidence and diagrams that give exact information on the correct topic, unlike this “source”.
Not once in the 3 hilarious pages posted in this thread was the primary ammunition stores mentioned, the only thing related to ammunition being… A pintle mounted 7.62 GSMG.

I quite literally copied and pasted his exact quotation on the source. If you do the same exact thing in a google search bar, you get 3 of the exact documents in the very first 5 links.
You aren’t “searching the entire internet”, you’re copy and pasting 8 words and clicking on the applicable link.

They did. As said, I literally copy and pasted the title he had given.

No, the source has been there the entire time.
Yes, a book. A book of firsthand imagery and documentation of the vehicle itself.
An 80 page book.
Not some shitty 3 page questionnaire that’s entirely irrelevant to the topic
Yes, unsubstantiated photos. This, on the other hand, is a full book made by a society that quite literally owns 3 CV90s.

No, they based the JA37’s RWR off of imagery of the JA37’s RWR, contracts for the SAT Elektronik systems. Posted by… Oh, right, a magazine company.
Primary sources are primary sources, whether or not you like where they came from.

Ah, yes, that really clears it up!

3 documents ? i count 1 not counting Wikipedia

and i got said source now it provides everything besides
picture of the internal space or anything other reason it lost half its ammo
besides spal liners and ac units something some b units also got but they dont mention lost shells there either which they dont mention at all in that section

all they really say is “to compensate for lost storage space they added a storage box on the back” but they dont say how significant the lost space is could be anything

What lmfao the handbook I posted is a more reliable source than from the one from a bunch of tank nerds.

It clearly states variable ammuntionstorage if you cant read thats on you.

How is it that the LVKV9040C can carry 234 rounds with the same armor modifications, yeah thats right because the space used for soldiers is also sued for ammo storage, thus proving the point that the C model can carry more ammo. Since we dont have dismountable soldiers the ammo should not be getting reduced

They might own 3 Cv90s but they definetly do not own the C model CV90.

Your logic is deeply flawed my friend.

This one is the one with questionable quality. Since they mention the fire rate of the bushmaster as 200-400 even tho it can inly fire 200 rpm

Share it again. I think it is a nice book.