CV90's updated, lower ammo is wrong

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This needs to be corrected

Ksp m/58 referred to in this documents is machine gun.


What does this have to do with anything?
In the first page one of the differences between the A/B models to the C is that it has ”variable ammunition storage”.


It’s meaningless. There is no mention of whether the ammo capacity has been increased or decreased.


What are you on about? Its variable 120 ammo total with 7 soldiers carried if 1 soldier is removed it can carry full ammo.

I doubt the source used for this change is as trustworthy as this which was published by MSS.

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So you will just decrease it based on one secondary source?

Rules for thee but not for me strikes again…


the pages are not in order i just noticed lmao. the first page is a continuation from the cv9040C on the third page in this. the order is 3 1 2. see if i can fix this.

EDIT: fixed, they are now in the correct order.

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Where does it say?

Because it probably stayd the same ?
Don’t you think Cutting the ammo load more than 50% is something to be mentioned?

If that isn’t mentioned anywhere besides Wikipedia and that Photo book
It probably means it has the same ammo load and Wikipedia and that photo book got it wrong

Also what happend with Multiple sources requirement?
Pretty sure that photo book and the Wikipedia article using that has a Source isn’t enough

ISBN 978-91-633-7880-5 p. 82, Cv 90 Photo Guide – Svensk Pansarhistorisk Förening


Steel Beasts also model it with less ammo and as their CV90 models are used for training actual CV90 crews I’m inclined to think they are probably accurate.


Less ammo or the same 120 rounds
If it was 10-20 I wouldn’t complain but they cut it more than in half

Those are Cv9030s those have NOTHING to do with the C model 9040.

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I really don’t get the Point why do that
Balance no it was already the worst 10.0 cv90

Historically accuracy given they still haven’t provided the sources they used nope
Smin and the other dude (change log) still haven’t responded

Did someone fill a badly sourced bug report which got accepted no. they could not provide a link to a report either

Needing leaks for whatever reason
Also no didn’t they show shoigu petting a captured cv9040 some were ? So we should learn all its sekrets Pretty soon if the Russians are willing to share that is

Should I Point out the internal armor on the strv103 got changed the same way
From 30mm to just 10mm still not fixed

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I just leave this here.


Yes, but they presumably had access to a lot of CV90 information as a result of working on the CV90/35 training module.

The fact that they model the CV90 with the same amount of ammo that War Thunder does, and a secondary source claims, is worth something.

No, on the first page it simply states that there are “notable differences in comparison to B and C models”.

The ONLY statement of ammunition is for an extra machine gun, usable by the crew.

Stona quite literally stated the exact source on 3 separate occasions

show me one

not at all wehn they are different vehicles with different gun calibers cv9035/9030 instead of cv9040