Cv9035DK: where is the IR tracking, air burst ammo, laser warning, 50mm supershot rounds that this tank is supposed to have

Sweden again receives a new cv90 WITHOUT AIR TRACKING ability. Ffs give this thing ir tracking and programmable munitions and move it up to 10.0+.
currently this ifv is just sad. It’s basically a 9040b that fires at a slower rate without having to wait for a minute every 24 rounds(minus the proxy rounds).
I’m not even asking to have the tracking ability for the other cv90s, just for this one. I mean one advantage of the 35mm cannon is that it can fire better air burst rounds. And you can not have programmable munitions without ir tracking.


It’s been shown that the UTAAS sight does not provide automatic target tracking. It provides automatic lead calculations for manually tracked targets.


I believe that the UTAAS, like many other tank optics, provides some sort of optical tracking ability (but no tank has that in the game right now). The IRST was limited to the lvkv variant as an upgrade and I get that. But it doesn’t mean the other cv90s should have no ability of using programmable munitions properly. At least we should have the function of laser range finding twice and get a false tracking of the target (like how the tracking works when the los is blocked by a tree or sth, the lock box flashes but still gets a lead indicator). In that way we can use the 9040s like IRL, and have a way to use 35mm air burst ammo of the bushmaster III.

the 50mm Supershot is not used on any CV9035s, its just a theoretical upgrade. And additionally it would be useless anyways, as the modern 50mm Supershot is 50x228mm

The APFSDS has, at best, the same performance as the 35mm. The dart is identical, propellant amount grew slightly, but the sabot also got significantly bigger and thus heavier

AHEAD and APHE dont exist in 50mm

HE payload is the actual advantage of the Supershot, but small caliber HE is basically irrelevant in WT


the closest thing you can get to “tracking” with the UTAAS is the gyroscopic lead calculation (like what the abrams uses) which gives a “predicted lead” according to the turret rotation after lasing a target

I could ask the same of every CV/Strf 90 model in game, they all have LWS, they all have IRST. Idk why man; I wish they would fix it though.

it also continues to “aim” at the target automatically based on the gyro change between two laser range measurements done in short succession. (basically it continues to rotate the turret at a constant speed without your input based on the aim change between the laser mesurements)

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The sight needs a different computer for auto-track, which only the Lvkv 9040C seems to have gotten for its demonstration.


This was sadly disproved countless times by citing the sight manufacturer and vehicle manufacturer.

The chieftain made a video on the Cv-9040B, he stated its optic had IRST, and also the turret would auto-slew to the direction of a received Laser.

The Chieftain did not state that.
Also, there is no search functionality, so you’d say IRT.

It’s the same functionality Abrams has, which also isn’t IRT.

This is the video…

Yes, which you should watch.

same video that i just linked, NO IRST.
just gyro slewing and automatic lead which isn’t a thing in game yet.

I’m not expecting most tanks to get that feature either. This is one place where I think we should diverge from reality and not include that. Automating everything is good IRL but in war thunder we got to have some measure of player skill in the equation for aiming. I think maybe only for lower calibre vehicles it would be fine to have more realistic FCS systems. Then again if one tank gets it then all of them should is a valid argument.

Do a bug report. Im trying to get evidence of the 70 round dual feed system that a bunch of sources claim it has

thing is, its already sort of in game for arcade as i understand it (I don’t play arcade so i’m not sure) and there is a setting in controls for “target tracking (ground vehicle)”.
So it would not be that hard to add it in RB and SIM for those IFVs and tanks that has them IRL.
there is however not many vehicles with auto tracking and the issue arises with vehicles that ONLY lead the shot based on gyroscopic turret movement and laser range but you still have to aim at the moving tank yourself.

The youtuber who did that video has one on the CV9030 FIN as well where he goes a bit more in depth on the IRL lead/“track” feature and how it functions.

in my opinion it should be added, because IRL the track does NOT also give lead so you still miss if you don’t know what you are doing (i.e. it would require skill to use in game). And IRL the lead function isn’t perfect and you still require the gunners skill to aim at the target continuously and even then it can sometimes not fire super accurately (again, would require skill in game to use).
So it will make it easier yes, but not to the point of “playing the game for you” but instead just a QoL modification (same argument could (to a lesser extent) be made for laser rangefinders, CCIP and so on).

I am sure sales will reflect how bad this vehicle is in game. The video of the Chieftain in the 9040 is less detailed than his previous video on the CV9030 for which he goes into greater detail concerning Air Tracking. He states once lased the system tracks automatically but allows the gunner to adjust for fine tuning. Its also worth noting that in 1993 the UTAAS was a much more basic system…more modern UTAAS is fully digital

Then find documents, ive been having trouble finding actual manuals for the vehicle itself, i may just need to send an email and ask.

Its probably better that its a common premium cause it does mean that when the MLU is ready for NL then DK can get it also

I don’t think Sweden TT even need to add the Danish MLU, there is a CV9035MkIIIC for the Swedish army and it is the same standard as the CV9035NL MLU.From BAE systems